Chris Brown Defended by Fans After Activist Accuses Him of Mocking Disabled People

‘Self-proclaimed ‘disability ambassador’ Brett Leverton previously called out the RnB star after he shared on Instagram Story a video of himself walking with a pronounced limp to avoid overzealous fans.

AceShowbizChris Brown has been called out by an activist for allegedly mocking disabled people by his walking. While the “Under the Influence” hitmaker has yet to respond to the accusation, fans came to his defense by attacking Brett Leverton on Twitter.

It all started after the R&B star shared on Instagram Story a video of himself walking with a pronounced limp to avoid overzealous fans. “I tried to be slick walking to the merchandise booth,” he captioned the footage. “Fans caught me so I had to hit my walk on em.”

It didn’t sit well with Brett, a self-proclaimed “disability ambassador.” Making use of Twitter on Friday, March 3, he wrote, “Disappointed last night to log in to Instagram to see Chris Brown casually imitating/mocking people with physical impairments/disability and thinking its ok.”

“Chris Brown has 113 million followers just on Instagram alone that can now potentially be influenced and think that behaviour is ok when it’s not!” he continued arguing. “In the modern world where discrimination is tolerated less and less, why would someone who knows firsthand what it feels like to face discrimination go and do the same behavior to another minority group?”

Many have since put Brett on blast. “Your so corny & just want clout. He wasn’t mocking anyone. He clearly explained what he was doing something you would never do because your not a famous celebrity with millions of fans all over the world. Stop trying to make something into nothing,” one user tweeted.

Another simply added, “Clout chasing it it’s best.” Someone else wrote, “Go cry to yo momma.” A different individual argued, “I feel like y’all be so bored and need something to complain about. I’m not even a CB fan and see nothign wrong with this video. As far as I remember he’s always been goofy. I’m sure he meant no harm!”

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