Chris D’Elia‘s been accused of threatening to share intimate videos of a woman in a new restraining order, but not only does the comedian claim he’s never met his accuser, he says she’s also been sending him threatening audio and text messages since earlier this year.

TMZ has obtained the docs, filed by Caroline Schmitz in L.A., in which she claims she and D’Elia met back in 2017 when she was working as a comedian. Schmitz says she and Chris hooked up several times, and then heard from him again when he contacted her through OnlyFans in May.

As for the communications on OnlyFans, Schmitz says a profile — who she believes D’Elia was behind — threatened to post intimate videos she’d recorded and told her she needed to get out of Los Angeles.

Schmitz says she believes D’Elia was behind the OF account because she, “recognized his style of writing.” She also says she believes Chris hacked her phone.

D’Elia’s attorney, Andrew Brettler, tells TMZ, “These accusations are as fantastical as they are defamatory. Chris has never met this person. But over the last year, she has sent him increasingly disturbing text and audio messages, including making threats against him and his family. If anyone is going to get a restraining order here, it’s going to be Chris.”

We’ve obtained some of the many messages Chris says Schmitz sent to him through Instagram where you hear a woman rambling at times about being a stripper. He also says she messaged him, “Have me killed or leave me the f*** alone – I’d die to get the hell away from your evil ass.”

A judge has granted a temporary restraining order. There’s a hearing scheduled for October.

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