Chrisean Rock Announces Break From Social Media After Brothers Arrest for Attempted Murder

Blueface’s on-and-off girlfriend tweets that she will ‘go ghost’ on her followers in 2023 and will not return until 2024 following reports of her brother Mookie’s arrest in connection with an October shooting.

AceShowbiz -Like most people, Chrisean Rock is seemingly ready to enter a new year with a resolution. Just a few days before New Year’s Eve, the social media personality reveals her plans to take a step back from one of the things that she’s doing best, which is using social media, in 2023.

The on-and-off girlfriend of Blueface alerted her fans beforehand by sharing her new year’s resolution on Thursday, December 29. Taking to Twitter, she wrote, “Finna go ghost on yall in 2023.” The 22-year-old hinted that she will be off for the whole year and will not return until 2024 as she added, “see y’all in 2024.”

Rejoicing over the prospect of not getting Chrisean’s post flood their feeds, some people reacted to her announcement with comments like, “Thank god,” “We love to see it” and “God please!! We need a break!” Another even suggested Chrisean to “Take blue face with you.”

Some others, meanwhile, doubted that Chrisean will keep her words. “Yea right,” one person dismissively said. Another wrote, “We would never be that lucky.” Seemingly noticing the pattern, someone else claimed, “She said tht last time and came baq in 2 dayz.”

Chrisean didn’t mention the reason why she wants to stay away from social media, but her decision comes in the wake of her brother’s arrest for attempted murder. Obadiah Malone, who goes by “Mookie”, was taken into custody on Tuesday, December 27 and has since been charged with attempted first degree murder.

The 31-year-old is accused of shooting a 39-year-old man on October 10, 2022, in Southwest Baltimore. The incident reportedly took place before 8:45 P.M. that day.

Police officers were then “called to investigate a shot spotter alert.” After arriving at the scene, they found “evidence of a shooting.” Shortly afterward, cops were also told that a shooting victim had just walked into a hospital to be treated for injuries. The male victim suffered multiple gunshot wounds but ultimately survived.

Mookie recently put his famous sibling and her boyfriend on blast. In a video shared on Instagram Story, he dubbed Chrisean and Blueface the “brokest celebrities in Hollywood.” He added, “And the most lit right now. I’m mad at y’all that y’all not taking advantage of this lit s**t and getting some money with it.”

He went on slamming his sister for not taking care of her family. “B***h I take care of everybody. You don’t do s**t. You don’t got no emotions. You don’t do s**t for nobody. When mommy wanted to come home, I paid for her flight home. I mad at you because you broke,” so he claimed.

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