Claim to Fame Season 2: Who Is Karsyn On Related To? Clues, Guesses & Spoilers Revealed!

Claim to Fame season two is getting closer and closer to the end!

Celebrity siblings Kevin and Franklin Jonas returned as hosts, with the new season introducing many new competitors and continuing the game of mystery and hidden identities.

One of the 12 new contestants on the series is “Karsyn.”

She is competing for the $100,000 grand prize and her own “Claim to Fame.”

Season two has promised “double the fun, with super-sized competition, drama and more,” along with A-list celebrity relative reveals.

Check out all of the clues and guesses for Karsyn’s identity inside…

Before the season started, Karsyn revealed the last text from her relative was, “kick ass,” and she is going in with these words describing her strategy: Intuitive, Low-Key, Friendly.

Throughout the season so far, we haven’t learned too much about Karsyn’s celebrity relative. Check out all of the clues revealed about her below, and our best guess at who her celebrity relative is…

WEEK 1 CLUES: We didn’t much from Karsyn, except she says her relative is male and is a musician.

WEEK 3 CLUES: Shayne pulled Karsyn’s winners clue and it reveals the following images – a trophy, an eraser, the minus (-) sign, the letter E, a question mark over a person, two record players, the number 4 and a pitcher of beer.

WEEK 4 CLUES: As they dove more into the winner’s clue, it was pointed out that her relative must be a NASCAR driver, the 2 records and the number 4 pointing to Jeff Gordon (whose car was No 24), and the beer stands for Budweiser being the sponsor. There’s also a horse on the clue wall for horsepower for a car. In the Feeling Famous challenge, there was a tire and Karsyn immediately knew it was for her, plus there’s a giant steering wheel on the clue wall. HOWEVER, while everyone was gunning for her, she found out the name everyone was thinking and told Chris that her relative is NOT Jeff Gordon. He was unsure to believe her or not.

WEEK 6 CLUES: In the challenge, the contestants kept with the NASCAR guesses, asking Karsyn if her relative drove in NASCAR, is he #24, both of which she said yes. They also asked if he was a Jr and she said no. Olivia was voted on as the guesser and was feeling confident in guessing Jeff Gordon, so she did, but it was wrong! (Just as Karsyn had told Chris before – she wasn’t lying!)

Who is she related to? Online sleuths believe she is related to… (scroll down for SPOILERS)

Our best guess is she is related to NASCAR’s Dale Earnhardt Jr!

All of the NASCAR clues add up, but the contestants have been looking at the wrong driver, and she said on the show it is not Jeff Gordon, which was proven when it was guessed in week six. The two trophies are for Dale‘s two Xfinity Series wins, or maybe his two Daytona 500 wins. The 24 number could allude to the fact that he has been racing for 24 years, since 1999.

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