Janey Godley gives update on her Ovarian cancer

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Comedian Janey Godley has been inundated with messages of support on Twitter as she celebrates her 61st birthday today, three days after sharing that she’d been diagnosed with Stage 3 cancer. The performer, 61, recently underwent a hysterectomy, after which she relayed to her followers that doctors had informed her she has the disease.

Today I am 61 years old – birthday cake will be eaten!

Janey Godley

In view of her 245,600 followers, the star revealed how she’s planning to celebrate her birthday.

Sharing a smiling selfie, Janey wrote: “Today I am 61 years old – birthday cake will be eaten!”

Following her post, the star’s fans rushed to wish her a special day.

Author Joanne Harris wrote: “Have a lovely birthday, Janey. x”

Reverend Richard Coles commented: “Many happy returns Janey x”

Gordon Charlton penned: “I just turned 60 and am currently blessed with two cancers that I’m fighting successfully.

“You’re an inspiration. Enjoy that cake.”

While Fiona Macfarlane added: “Happy Birthday @JaneyGodley, enjoy your cake.

“I hope you’re feeling as good as you can. sending positive thoughts your way x.”

At the start of the week, the comedian shared the news that she had been diagnosed with cancer after undergoing a hysterectomy earlier this month.

The comic admitted to fans she felt “terrified” and “in shock” as she broke the news

In a candid video message uploaded on Tuesday, Janey said: “It’s been nine days since my hysterectomy…I thought that would be the end of everything. But it’s not, it’s the beginning.

“I have got stage three ovarian cancer.

“I thought the big operation would be it, get on with everything, heal up the scar, get back on tour.

“Not so, my life has completely changed and I have to process what this means now, and it is obviously going to mean chemotherapy and treatment.

“I don’t have any other options… I think the best option is to admit that this exists and to process it.”

Janey later added she is having “very short panic attacks” thinking about her diagnosis, but also revealed she is in good hands and being cared for by her friend, Shirley.

She continued: “I’m absolutely terrified. I’m not brave in the least. I’m frightened, I’m in shock, but I have got really good people around me, that’s the best thing I can tell you.”

In December, Janey took to twitter to thank Countryfile host Julia Bradbury for her social media post listing symptoms of Stage 4 ovarian cancer, which prompted her to get tested.

Three months before, Julia told how she had been diagnosed with breast cancer and later shared that she had undergone a mastectomy.

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