Conan O’Brien Saves Ex-Sidekick Andy Richter’s Wedding After Officiant Pulled Out

At the premiere of ‘First Time Female Director’, the former ‘Conan’ host is revealed by the ‘Madagascar’ actor to have replaced his original officiant at the last minute.

AceShowbizConan O’Brien has apparently saved his ex-sidekick Andy Richter‘s wedding. The former “Conan” host was revealed by the “Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted” actor to have replaced the original officiant for his June 10 nuptials.

56-year-old Andy made the revelation on Monday, June 12 when attending the Tribeca Film Festival premiere of “First Time Female Director“. Speaking to Page Six, he unveiled that Conan stepped into the role last minute. “I haven’t mentioned this to anybody. Two days ago, he married me and my wife,” he first confessed.

About how Andy came up with the idea for Conan to replace his friend who had to pull out, he explained, “I knew he had done it [before] because he married our wardrobe designer on our show.” The former “Andy Richter Controls the Universe” star went on to recall, “So I asked him to do it and he did it!”

About his wedding to talent agent Jennifer Herrera, Andy shared that it was held in his and his wife’s house that is located in West Hollywood, California. He went on to spill that the ceremony itself was “like a low-key house party.” He added, “It was a nice party.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Andy talked about his acting career and about the roles that he likes to play. “The fact that I get to do cartoon voices is one of the favorite things … just about the warts and all career that I have,” he shared while referring to his role as mouse lemur Mort in the “Madagascar” movie series.

“That and doing game shows. That to me feels like real show business. Like if you’re on a game show that means you’re in show business,” he additionally pointed out. “I’ve hosted on game shows, I’ve guested on game shows and it’s just fun.”

On the reason why he called it a show business, Andy elaborated, “It’s just the gravy of show business because you’re like, ‘Oh, I’m getting paid to go play a parlor game and help a regular person make money? Ok!’ “

Before Andy tied the knot with Jennifer, he was married to Sarah Thyre. After more than 20 years together, he and Sarah divorced in 2019. The ex-couple was parents to two children.

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