Congress Blasted Over Twitter Hearing and Reading Chrissy Teigen Tweet About Trump

The Congressional hearing where Chrissy Teigen‘s tweet — calling then-President Donald Trump a “pussy ass bitch” — was read aloud has sparked outrage … from the woman who is viewed by some as the leading voice on all things internet.

Kara Swisher appeared on CNN Thursday and called members of Congress who were claiming conspiracy “ridiculous.” She acknowledged Twitter made a bad call and went on to say the company made lots of bad calls on both sides of the political spectrum … BUT, as she said, Twitter is a private company and can do what it wants.

NYU Professor of Marketing Scott Galloway was even tougher, calling the members of Congress who were raising these theories “idiots.”

Republicans who called the hearing claimed the FBI was pressuring Twitter execs to censor the Hunter Biden story.

We got Chrissy and John Legend out Wednesday and they were kinda stoked about the attention … that Ms. Teigen made it to the hallowed halls of Congress!

Here’s the thing … Twitter has become a political football. Although it’s a private company and presumably can do anything it wants, as Swisher said. But there were Democrats in Congress who express concerns and even hurled threats at the platform under the leadership of Elon Musk. Democratic Senator Ed Markey flatly warned Musk, “Fix your companies, or Congress will.”

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