Julia Bradbury inspects her new breast after mastectomy

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Julia Bradbury, 51, took to Twitter to share news on her “brutal” cancer treatment. The star explained that she wish she took a “saliva test” – a new form of testing to help identify if women have breast cancer.

The star shared the post with her 173,500 followers.

She explained that thousands more women could be spared the “brutal” treatment if they were aware of the test.

Julia wrote: “I could have saved my left breast if I’d have had this saliva test…

“Thousands of other women could be saved from the trauma of brutal treatment.

“Lives could be saved if this test was available on the NHS. Please share.

“#mastectomy #breastcancer #Awareness #prevention.”

Julia accompanied the post with an article which detailed the genetic test rollout.

Julia was diagnosed with breast cancer in September 2021 and she received the news while filming for This Morning in the forest. 

The former Countryfile presenter had a mastectomy to have a 6cm tumour removed from her left breast.

The post read: “Breakthrough for breast cancer as simple saliva test could spot women at the highest risk years earlier.

“Saving thousands of under-50s.”

The test is used alongside the standard medical and life history information and as a measure of women’s breast density.

It has accurately predicted a higher risk of breast cancer in just under 50 per cent of those who got it.

Professor Gareth Evans, who led the study at Manchester University, said: “If all these women took drugs to prevent breast cancer, that could prevent a quarter of breast cancer cases and potentially save the lives of 2,000 women a year.

He added to the Daily Mail: “If young women at high risk were offered annual mammograms, that could save hundreds more a year.


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Researchers want the one-off genetic test to be rolled out to women at around the age of 30, safely before they are eligible for mammograms aged 50.

Fans took to Julia’s post to share their thoughts.

@Juliagrant20 posted: “Can we please remember that 2% of breast cancer cases are men.

“My late husband being one of them.

“#menhavebreaststoo You have a platform to remind people of this, thank you.

“Good look with your recovery.”

Julia then replied: “Yes and I do whenever I can. I’m also a campaigner for bowel, prostate & ovarian cancer. Just can’t do them all at the same time. Doing my best X.”

@FionaMurden said: “I didn’t even know this was a thing. It should definitely, without doubt be available on the NHS!”

@DannyBucholtz commented: “I hope that IT is going to be for all cancer research.”

@Kelly1latorre agreed, saying: “Should be available for everyone.” 

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