D.L. Hughley Says Donald Trump Belongs in Jail Over Insurrection

D.L. Hughley says Donald Trump belongs behind bars for his role in the insurrection … strongly believing any lesser outcome signals the end of justice as we know it.

We got the comedian/social activist at LAX and asked about the January 6th hearings, including shocking recent testimony about Trump’s actions on that fateful day.

D.L. says he’s already seen enough evidence to conclude Trump committed sedition … and he says if the Department of Justice does NOT indict Trump and everyone else who was involved, the idea of justice in America is dead.

The way D.L. sees it … Trump weaponized the mob that stormed the Capitol and he was also behind the fake electors’ scheme, committing the very election fraud Trump wouldn’t shut up about.

D.L. says the hearings show the insurrection was way worse than Watergate … and he says the reluctance of Trump and his defenders to go under oath speaks volumes.

We also asked D.L. if he had a message for Cassidy Hutchinson — the right-hand person to Trump’s Chief of Staff Mark Meadows — who gave the committee the most dirt on Trump so far. It’s safe to say … D.L. isn’t putting her on a pedestal.

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