Get ready, Sin City … Dana White tells TMZ Sports he’s planning to bro down with Tom Brady way more in Vegas now that the former NFL star is in line to be part-owner of the Raiders!!!

The UFC honcho sounded thrilled at the idea of it all, too … saying he’ll even pick up the checks when the two pal around at dinners!!

Of course, Brady is not quite a Raiders boss just yet … while he and Mark Davis have agreed to a deal for minority ownership in the NFL franchise, the league still requires at least 24 of its other owners to give their stamp of approval before it’s all greenlit.

tom brady and dana white

But, that feels like nothing more than a formality at this point … which has Dana pumped.

If you weren’t already aware, the two have been buds for years — Brady actually owns a small piece of the UFC — and White made it clear their friendship is about to get way more fun.

“I think there’s more opportunity for us to hang out now that he’s around more in Vegas,” White said. “I don’t know about working!”

tom brady dana white

As for how he sees things going with the Raiders once Brady’s officially got his stake in the game, White told us he has no doubt Vegas will benefit big time.

“At the end of the day, Brady’s a winner,” White said. “The guy’s a winner. Winning is what he does. Having that kind of attitude and drive, and everything else he can bring to the Raiders and to this city, I couldn’t be happier about it.”

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