Danielle Armstrong finally got her fairytale ending in August when she tied the knot with construction site manager Tom Edney after their paths first crossed when they were just 11 years old.

It’s fair to say married life suits former TOWIE star Danielle, 34, as she’s absolutely glowing when we catch up with her to hear all about the wedding, which she says was “the best day ever”.

Talking about her new life as Mrs Edney, the mum-of-one – who runs her own fitness business, Danni’s Body Goals – tells us it was important for her to change her surname as she’s “still quite traditional” and wanted to have the same last name as their two-year-old daughter Orla.

Here, Danielle opens up about her baby plans for 2023 and tells us why she feels sexy…

Hi, Danielle! Tell us about your wedding – did you shed a tear?

I thought I would be crying loads. I didn’t cry when Tommy gave his speech, I felt emotion but I wasn’t crying. I did cry when we had our first dance. It was me, Tommy and Orla dancing to a song I love.
I had finally got my fairy tale. It was the best day ever.

Was it important for you to change your name?

I feel like years ago, no one really asked that question. I’m all for female empowerment, but I am still quite traditional. I wanted to take his name. I still find it weird though. I loved the idea of taking his name because Orla has Tom’s last name already, so it feels like we’re more of a family unit now. We were looking at pre-schools for Orla and the receptionist rang one day and said, “Hello, is Mrs Edney there?” And I was like, “Oh, that’s me!”

Your pal Ferne McCann will be getting married soon as well. Do you know how her plans are coming along?

I don’t know at the moment! I think she’s just happy being engaged. Ferne and Lorri [Haines, her fiancé] are just in their bubble and enjoying their time together.

Were you shocked when they got engaged?

Not at all. I was just so happy for her. It’s all so exciting for them.

Does Orla remind you more of yourself or Tommy?

She looks like her dad so much. But I think she has my personality. She’s stubborn, and she knows what she wants. Tommy can be quite shy and a bit reserved, whereas she will just talk to anyone.

Have you talked about having another baby in the future?

Even on our wedding day, people asked me, “Are you going to be trying for another soon?” It’s always, “When is the next?” We think next year would be a good time. There’s a three-year gap between me and my sister, and I really liked that when we were growing up. Orla would absolutely love to be a big sister.

What has made you feel the proudest since becoming a mum?

It’s basically a full-time job that you can never quit. Every day is an achievement. You do feel proud because you’re responsible for this tiny human. She’s still a baby in my eyes. She’s two and a half, so she’s at the age now where she’s trying to put little sentences together. She’s becoming a little girl now.

What are your career goals?

I just want to keep growing my business. I’m really passionate about helping people feel good.
I also want to help people become more confident in themselves.

What does body confidence mean to you?

I’m not the slimmest I’ve been. It’s not about your jean size or how much you weigh. It’s about how you feel about yourself. I feel so much sexier now with a little bit more weight on than when I was in my twenties, but it all comes down to self-love. Confidence comes down to how you’re feeling about yourself. I know so many women who find flaws and pick on themselves. It’s about owning that you are good enough. Confidence is about wearing a smile more than going down a dress size.

Have you got any body goals?

I’ve never been one of those people who are addicted to being ripped with abs. My husband is obsessed with it. He has a goal of getting down to 10% body fat. He’s got his abs and he looks fantastic. But for me, I want to maintain where I’m at. I’m really into my supplements at the minute. I think it’s an age thing. When you hit 30, you realise [you can have] all the Botox and expensive skincare creams in the world, but it’s about giving your body all the nourishment it needs.

Tell us about the campaign #BingsLittleWins with CBeebies show Bing?

Orla absolutely loves Bing. As soon as they hit one, CBeebies is life. This campaign celebrates the little wins that I think all parents kind of go through, whether it’s potty training or whatever it is. I’ve always struggled with Orla’s sleeping. She’s always been the difficult child when it comes to bedtime. So when I saw the campaign and the incentive of getting them involved and making it more
fun, I knew I had to get involved.

Watch episodes of Bing on BBC iPlayer and visit bingbunnystore.com to shop for Bing products


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