Darcey and Stacey Silva STUN Fans with All Natural Throwback Pic

90 Day Fiance fans know that Darcey and Stacey Silva always have each other’s backs.

These twins share everything, keeping themselves identical through a cosmetic surgery buddy system.

But once upon a time, the Silva look was a lot more natural.

Darcey just shared a throwback to those halcyon days, and some fans are beside themselves. Others are being downright mean.

“We are Silva strong,” Darcey Silva declared in an Instagram post.

The caption accompanies a throwback photo of herself and her twin, Stacey.

The snap was clearly taken years and years ago, when the twins were sporting a more natural look. Oh, and they were brunettes.

In this photo, the twins look incredible.

They have matching glowing skin, dark hair, and are still recognizable.

The worst that one could say is that they seem to be encroaching upon Kardashian look-alike territory.

Well, commenters under the throwback had a lot of things to say … and many of those things were unkind.

“Before unnecessary plastic surgery,” one critic chided.

“If only you could turn back the clock,” a hater shaded.

“Gosh, what happened?” commented another.

“Who are these women?” a follower asked, pointing out how much the twins’ look has evolved over the years.

“I guess you were 15 here?” another wrote.

Others had nice things to say, from praising their look in the photo to asking for their skincare routines.

A lot of the “praise” for the photo was backhanded, however.

Heaping compliments about how someone used to look is an indirect insult to their current appearance — and they knew it.

Darcey and Stacey have been extremely open about getting work done.

Darcey has brought fans along with her as she receives fresh lip fillers.

Most of the time, she and Stacey undergo procedures side-by-side. They are twins, after all. Looking the same is part of their identity.

Some celebrities are happy to bring fans along for the ride for lip fillers or other injectibles, but will swear by all of their ancestors that they haven’t gotten any more serious work done.

Darcey and Stacey, meanwhile, have earned praise from their fans for being much more honest about things.

They were up front abou receiving breast implants and getting their cinched waists surgically. That kind of transparency is rare, even these days.

Haters of the Silva twins should keep in mind that the two of them are also fabulously popular.

That’s what it means to be a polarizing star.

If everyone loves or hates you, you can only go so far. The polarizing folks are the ones who get their own spinoffs, because some people will hate-watch them.

Everyone deserves to look exactly how they want to look, but few if any people will ever see that dream become a reality.

We wish Darcey and Silva the absolute best of luck as they continue on their shared journey to pursue youthful and beautiful looks while juggling the rest of their lives.

The world is cruel enough to non-famous women. Celebrities are under constant attack for their looks — real or fake. That can take its toll.

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