‘Dashing’ Prince William is ‘new royal favourite’ as he ‘exudes confidence’

Prince William has become noticeably more confident undertaking solo royal duties in recent weeks as he continues to settle in his new role running the vast Duchy of Cornwall estate.

As well as this, William recently undertook a solo 48-hour tour of the UK to launch his new homelessness initiative 'Homewards'.

Kate Mansey, assistant editor of The Mail on Sunday notes William's confidence, writing: "William seems happier in his own skin – he's really grown into the new role, as Prince of Wales, very quickly. He does seem more confident. It helps that he has the backing of his father.

"He'll like the fact that he can now focus on his own projects, things he really wants to do. And he's perhaps more settled since the family moved to Windsor."

Former BBC royal correspondent Jennie Bond agrees with Kate that William has really come into his own since inheriting his role from his father.

Speaking to OK!, Jennie says: "William exudes confidence these days. I think this comes from growing older, becoming more comfortable in your own skin, the vast experience he now has of being centre stage, and learning to cope with the glare of pretty constant publicity.

"I remember how his mother, Diana, told me that William found the relentless presence of cameras very difficult. 'But, she told me, 'he will learn to cope. He will get used to it.' And she was right.

"He’s always been a good looking boy, and then young man. Now, in his 40s, he wears his almost bald head well. It suits him.

"He's tall, dashing, with a fabulous smile, and the same engaging manner that his mother had with the public. So it’s no wonder that he is a bit of a heartthrob.

"When I was with him in Canada six months after Diana’s death, young girls went wild for William.

"They screamed, cried, wanted to hug him, held out signs saying they wanted to marry him, and generally embarrassed the hell out of the poor boy.

"Harry thought it was hilarious and kept encouraging the crowd to go on screaming. William found it pretty excruciating, his cheeks went bright red and he couldn’t wait for the meeting and greeting to be over.

"Nowadays, though, he’s used to that kind of adulation – albeit not quite so manic – and I think he quite enjoys it.

"He has shown maturity about dealing with the rift with Harry, has maintained his dignity, and his silence, and has shown that he is more than ready to take on their responsibilities of his current and future roles. As Diana told me, 'the country is lucky to have William.'"

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