Dave Myers left struggling to stand or walk due to cancer battle

Dave Myers recalls ‘learning to walk again’ after chemotherapy

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Dave Myers detailed in a new interview that his cancer and chemotherapy treatment has been so debilitating, it has left him struggling to stand, let alone walk. The 65-year-old Hairy Bikers star recently bought a new motorbike and is having intensive physiotherapy to prepare him for the prospect of riding.

He admits it’s early days, exclaiming: “It’s hard [even] to stand, so I’ve had to really learn to walk again!”

“Your balance goes, so if you’re on a motorbike, it’s a disaster and my walking’s been affected quite a lot really,” he lamented to host Kaye Adams during an episode of her podcast, How To Be 60.

He opened up to Kaye about his physiotherapy sessions, revealing: “They sit me on a pilates ball and rock me from side to side pretending [I’m] on a motorbike.”

Dave continued that he has a rubber band secured under each foot as he simulates the action of changing gears.

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It has been less than a year since he received the “horrendous” phone call revealing to him that he had cancer.

While driving down to his holiday home in France, just hours after having a scan at the hospital, he was informed of the bad news.

“[I had] a phone call on the motorway in France and they told me I’d got cancer. I was like, ‘Oh s***!'” the TV star agonised.

“I must admit it was a most uncomfortable week.”

The courageous star has vowed to continue filming new episodes of Hairy Bikers with his pal and co-star Simon King in spite of undergoing chemotherapy regularly.

Dave, who has even lost his eyelashes to the treatment, says the negative symptoms are from the chemo rather than the cancer itself.

“My God, the chemotherapy doesn’t half age you quickly!” he admitted.

However, he has remained optimistic, saying he can feel his health improving.

Dave even suggested that he can “sleep off” some of the exhaustion associated with his treatment, joking: “It’s a bit like a bad hangover!”

Due to that, the strong-minded star has revealed: “I’m going to go back to filming this May and we’re going to film around the chemo.

“That’s just how it is really – one doesn’t have an option at the minute.”

A few weeks ago, he even gathered the strength to leave the country for the first time since his treatment began, travelling to Romania to visit his in-laws.

The trip left him with a feeling of gratitude, recalling how, along with his extended family members, he’d had “a whale of a time”.

Dave’s diagnosis has given him a new perspective on life, and he recently vowed to his wife, Liliana: “I won’t whinge ever again if I get through this – I promise I’ll never whinge!”

However, the BBC Two star joked that, having been married to him for the past 12 years, she has her reasons to be skeptical.

“She doesn’t believe me!” he chuckled, before adding that Liliana, whom he met while filming an episode of Hairy Bikers in Romania, has been a constant source of support.

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