Doctors rushed to the stage to help the 49-year-old illusionist who is famed for his death-defying stunts following a daredevil act gone wrong in the Sin City.

AceShowbizDavid Blaine suffered a dislocated shoulder during his show in Las Vegas. The 49-year-old illusionist kicked off his “David Blaine: In Spades” act at the Resorts World Theatre in Sin City on Friday night, March 10 by jumping from a nine-storey high scaffold into a pile of cardboard boxes but he landed badly and crew members rushed to help him as it was revealed he had injured himself.

The star asked if there were any doctors in the audience who could give it a go after they attempted to pop the dislocated shoulder back into place but failed. The star was able to continue his show after five medics rushed to help and were seen taking turns trying to push his shoulder back into the correct position before they joined forces and a team effort sorted the problem.

A statement from Resorts World to the Las Vegas Review-Journal explained, “Mr. Blaine was treated by doctors from the audience on stage in front of the assembled crowd, where they successfully relocated his right arm, as he experienced extreme pain and discomfort. After a short delay, Blaine was able to continue with the show, in pain, but in good humour.”

Blaine later posted a video of the doctors working on his shoulder on his Instagram page alongside the caption, “Wow that hurt!” He also added a clip of his jump which showed him landing in the cardboard boxes, writing, “I was a little off-target.” The magician – who is famed for his death-defying stunts – added, “Luckily 5 orthopaedic surgeons in the house.”

After finishing the show, Blaine was treated to a standing ovation from the amazed audience.

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