BAFTAs: Davina McCall accepts Long Lost Family award

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Davina McCall has opened up about some worrying symptoms she faced during the menopause. The television presenter recalled having “brain fog” and worrying she had “dementia”.

Davina is well-known for her longevity on screen, from helming Big Brother to appearing as a judge on The Masked Singer.

However, the star has also been opening up about her experiences with the menopause to try and help women.

Recalling her own experience, Davina recently shared how some of her symptoms left her worrying.

She explained how she thought she might actually have dementia due to some of the signs.

Davina recalled: “I was having night sweats, hot flushes, and I wasn’t sleeping.

And the brain fog… I remember sitting on the drive and looking at some grass, thinking: ‘What’s the word for that?’

“I thought it was some kind of dementia.

“It was only a couple of years later, when it was affecting my work, that I went to my gynaecologist, who said I needed hormone replacement.”

Davina admitted to The Sun how she was worried she might lose work during the ordeal.

She added: “I thought I was going to lose my job.

“Then I went on HRT, and literally two weeks later I was like: ‘Oh, I’m back. This is life again.’”

The presenter helmed a documentary about menopause earlier this year, discussing HRT.

After this, Davina announced she was creating a new book called Menopausing.

The premise of it is to end “shame and horrific misinformation” surrounding menopause.

She has been calling on her fans and followers to share their experiences for the book as well.

Elsewhere, Davina recently opened up about having a “proper meltdown”.

Posting on her Instagram page last week she said she had “total cognitive overload”.

The star explained: “I’m re branding …… Summer Carnage. (sic)

“I have total cognitive overload. Had a proper meltdown last night … when I do that in front of the kids… bless their little faces…

“Sorry kids… they were all like.., ooooh here she goes …

“But got to say .. they r great kids.” (sic).

Davina continued: “I feel much better after a full nights sleep … which I hadn’t had in ages.

“And today is another day. Taking Bo out for a big walk to clear my head.”

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