Last week’s 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? showed Jess Caroline explode at Colt Johnson.

Now, Debbie wants to make sure that they can’t move past that, demanding that Jess apologize for her anger.

In a sneak peek of Sunday’s new Happily Ever After?, it seems that Jess is for some reason spending time with Colt again.

If you’re not happy to see her giving him a second chance, know that Debbie is much madder about it … and determined to break them up.

“OK,” Debbie announces during a deeply awkward car ride, “we need to talk about last night.”

Debbie admonishes Jess: “It was not OK. You hurt Colt.”

She is trying to argue that Jess emotionally wounded Colt by expressing her anger over Colt’s lies.

Jess retorts: “Colt hurt me first.”

This whole time, Colt remains silent while the women in his life banter. It’s deeply weird of him. It was the same way with Larissa.

Jess patiently explains to Debbie that Colt hurt her “because he lied.”

Debbie mistakenly defends her son, trying to split hairs: “I don’t think he lied … he just didn’t tell you.”

Not only is that less than reassuring when it comes to a couple in conflict, it’s also not the truth.

“No,” Jess corrects Debbie. “He lied.”

She explains that Colt explicitly told her that he and Vanessa were no longer friends, but that in fact they talk every day.

Debbie seems worried that Colt is simply going to continue in his relationship with Jess, which Debbie will not allow.

So she then tries to neg Jess about Jess’ use of language.

Yes, Jess acknowledges, she used a bad word, but she was calling Vanessa a “bitch,” not Debbie.

Determined to defend her son, Debbie tries to make this about Jess being insecure, which is not what is happening.

Debbie points out that Jess has male friends, and that by the same logic, Colt can have female friends.

But Jess’ concerns aren’t about all women on Earth … she is specifically suspicious of Vanessa and of her “friendship” with Colt.

“I think that everyone just misunderstands each other and assumes the worst because they don’t know each other,” Colt says when he finally speaks.

“And when you come to Vegas,” Colt offers, “you can meet Vanessa. We can all have a drink.”

“No,” Jess replies firmly. “No.”

That is the end of the sneak peek, but here, you can see Colt’s lie for yourself.

He and Vanessa spoke and then he sent her this fake “breakup” text so that he could screenshot it and send it to Jess.

It was, of course, a deception — and yes, Debbie, it was a straight-up lie, not a lie of omission. A lie.

As for Vanessa, it turns out that Jess’ worries were deeply grounded in reality.

90 Day Fiance blogger John Yates revealed earlier this summer that Colt had cheated on his new girlfriend … with Vanessa.

Colt had cheated on Larissa and Jess had worried that it would happen to her, so this wasn’t really a surprise.

Someone who won’t let their significant other have any friends, or any male or female friends, is controlling and toxic.

But there are times when someone has to tell their significant other that, if they’re going to move forward, that person has to be out of their life.

Colt could have broken up with Jess when she told him to ditch Vanessa. That would have been fine. Instead, he chose to lie to her and waste her time.

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