Demi Rose bares all as she puts her breasts on show in beaded bikini

Demi Rose teased a top-secret new location as she posed in her barely-there bikini

Demi Rose attracted admiring glances from her 20 million-strong fanbase as she posed nearly nude, her long locks cascading down to her hips – but no one was quite sure exactly where her latest location was.

Demi Rose Mawby, a 28-year-old glamour model and ambassador for the youthful fashion brand Pretty Little Thing, shared imagery of herself in a bikini that left very little to the imagination.

While her glittery black bikini bottoms were thong style, the top looked more like a decorative necklace dangling in the middle of her chest, as it didn’t cover her ample bosom at all.

From the side, the star seemed to be topless, in pictures which she simply titled “Dance of the nymph”.

By the looks of her location, she may have been in a cenote – a cave filled with groundwater – which pointed to the possibility that she was visiting Mexico.

Meanwhile, Demi was giving nothing away as of yet, instead choosing to build up anticipation among her 20 million fans.

“I usually post when I’ve left, but I’m excited for you to see where I’ve been,” she teased, sharing extra video footage of tiny fish swimming in the water.

Demi Rose delivered with these sultry snaps, which saw her declared a “living angel”

While being praised as a “living angel”, and a “goddess of paradise”, Demi Rose was invited to fans’ home countries, including Panama, for her next sultry photoshoot, in the hope that she would unite her beauty with that of the scenery.

Demi Rose’s beaded bikini snaps prompted questions about how she kept fit

Fans were curious to know how Demi Rose keeps her famous figure in tiptop condition – and while she didn’t respond on this particular post, she has previously shared footage of herself receiving “hardcore” anti-cellulite treatment, including radiofrequency waves, from a beauty therapist’s private mews house in London’s South Kensington.

Demi Rose is renowned for her globe-trotting tendencies

While some glamour models opt for studio pictures, Demi Rose loves travelling the world, and her selection of snapshots in locations from Costa Rica to Las Vegas demonstrate it. Though originally from the UK, she currently lives out in sunny Spain.

Demi Rose also recently visited an Egyptian temple to receive “healing”

Demi Rose got off the beaten track in Egypt earlier this year, visiting an ancient temple that doesn’t usually feature on tourist itineraries. Posting a snap of herself at the Dendera Temple to Hathor, she wrote: “This temple felt very emotional for me. The sick would come here for healing. Women for fertility. It was worshipped since pre-dynastic times and also represented love, beauty, eroticism, used to celebrate music and joy.”

Demi Rose has hinted she’d like to turn tour guide

Demi Rose tested the water when she quizzed: “I would like to host my own trip back to Egypt again next year. Who’s with me?” Naturally, many of the 101,000 people who hit the like button on her post responded positively, with one assuring her: “You are in the presence of the Pharaohs!”

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