OK, this is a weird one. Like, why even lie about this? But that’s exactly what appears to be happening.

Johnny Depp‘s attorney Camille Vasquez really held Amber Heard‘s feet to the flames throughout her cross-examination, notably getting her to admit she had not actually donated the money she got in the divorce to charity as she’d publicly claimed for years.

But this line of questioning is where the rubber meets the road in this case: proof of abuse. Amber’s team has provided texts and video recordings of Johnny being crude and consumed with rage. But never hitting her. Likewise she doesn’t have a single medical record of an injury, only her word that she had these injuries and covered them up with makeup — and of course the photos she put out back in 2016.

In an effort to really dig down into those photos, Vasquez took issue with something Amber had testified about in direct examination. The lawyer put up two exhibits side by side (the ones you see above) and asked the Aquaman actress to clarify that she had said these were two distinct photographs taken in different lighting. Amber said once again that they were, explaining the one on the left was taken with “the vanity lights” — hence the more yellow hue.

But Vasquez wasn’t buying it. She asked straight-up:

“Isn’t it true that you just edited these photographs?”

Amber denied this, saying:

“No, I have never edited a photograph.”

Vasquez kept pushing:

“Didn’t you just enhance the saturation from one of these photos to make your face look more red?”

Amber kept up the denial, attesting:

“No, that’s incorrect. I didn’t touch it.”

If it wasn’t already clear the point of these questions, Vasquez next moved to asking about how neighbor Isaac Baruch testified that he’d seen Amber the day after the alleged phone-throwing incident that cause the alleged bruising on her face in the photos — and she had “no marks or injuries on” her face. Vasquez asked about the multiple people, including the female police officer who came to the apartment that night, who testified Amber had no injuries on her face. Once again there was strong resistance as Amber would only confirm her own version of their testimony — that these people had seen her bruises but didn’t consider them to be injuries. That’s a pretty darn liberal interpretation of their statements, frankly. Heck, Officer Melissa Saenz not only said she didn’t see any injuries, she said Amber was NOT, in her opinion, “a victim of domestic violence.”

All of this was, of course, to cast doubt on exactly what the photos in question prove. Separate from the questions of when and where the pics were taken, we have to just be objective and point something out: these two photographs you see above are highly likely ONE photo. We’ve done our fair share of playing with photoshop and Instagram filters — and trust us, these appear to be the same pic, just with different color saturation, as Vasquez is pointing out.

You cannot take a photo, change the lighting, and take another photo, and have the angle exactly, 100% the same, with every single thread of hair in the exact same place.

Amber must know that, right? Why would she lie about it? Because she thinks it makes her case look bad? Whatever the reason, we can’t see any other possibility here than that she’s lying about this? What do YOU think?

Watch the whole courtroom exchange (below):

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