Dog the Bounty Hunter says Daunte Wright would still be alive today if police departments around the country heeded his call for law enforcement to switch from lead bullets to non-lethal ammo.

Dog tells TMZ … he’s apprehended tons of criminals during his career, and shot a good number of them, but he’s never found a need for lead bullets and doesn’t think cops need them either.

Dog’s got an interesting perspective on the latest round of fatal police-involved shootings — he’s laying less blame on cops and guns, and more on their choice of ammo … lead bullets made to kill.

The way Dog sees it … 20-year-old Daunte could have been taken into police custody safely if Kim Potter, the former cop who fatally shot him, was using non-lethal bullets.

As you know, Potter claims she confused her Taser and her Glock and fired one deadly round.

Dog’s already starting an initiative, called “Get The Lead Out,” to get police to swap out their lead bullets for non-lethal alternatives like pepper balls … and he tells us why cops like Potter need to train like he does.

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