Dr. Will Kirby wants his fellow medical pros to quit hoarding crucial supplies, and make the sacrifices needed to fight the coronavirus pandemic.

The celebrity dermatologist joined us Wednesday on “TMZ Live” and sounded the alarm — hospitals and first responders are in desperate need of face shields, masks and gloves … items generally known as PPE, personal protective equipment.

Dr. Kirby — who is a lead Doc at LaserAway — doesn’t mince words, saying any Bev Hills, Hollywood or L.A. cosmetic surgeon refusing to donate their stockpile of PPE is straight-up selfish and cowardly.

He suspects they’ve been slow to donate because they’re hoping to open their doors again in a few weeks. Watch the clip … he acknowledges the economic risk, but says it’s time to band together and sacrifice.

The good doc is putting his PPE where his mouth is … he’s already donated $50,000 worth of PPE to 17 emergency rooms in New York and California.

No donation is too small … and Dr. Kirby says there’s a way patients can put the pressure on their surgeons to step up to the plate and save lives.

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