Eamonn Holmes inundated with support over cryptic post about missing important people

Eamonn Holmes discusses working with wife Ruth Langsford

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Lockdown might be over, but GB News host Eamonn Holmes has confessed on Twitter that he is still struggling with missing those who are important in his life. The 62-year-old broadcaster from Belfast took to Twitter, where he has over one million followers, to reveal the details.

It’s hard… to be there, especially divided by The Irish Sea.

Eamonn Holmes

“Some nights I miss important people in my life,” the unexpectedly emotional presenter began.

Speaking on Saturday, he clarified: “Tonight is one of those nights.

“If I have a problem it’s having too many people I Iike. It’s hard to keep in touch.

“To be there , especially divided by The Irish Sea.”

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However, he adamantly reassured any of his loved ones who might have been waiting to see him again: “Gosh I try hard. If u r my friend there’s a reason.”

Eamonn, who has been in a relationship with wife Ruth Langsford for almost 28 years, kept his lips sealed about which friends he might have been referring to.

However, he was vocal and quick to respond to Twitter fans who reacted to the post with supportive messages.

@Poise_Presents replied: “Luckily there’s technology though it’s no substitute. Get our Ruth to stick the pan on and get the fry made.”

Eamonn enthusiastically began to debate whether a fry-up was well-timed on a Saturday evening.

Tagging his follower, he fired back: “So here’s the question …. I could def have a Fry on a Saturday night.

“Ruth however believes it should be the preserve of Breakfast. That’s what Happens when your partner isn’t from Our Wee Country.”

@sloaners2000 reassured him: “Knotts in Newtownards do a great fry up.

“#keepsmiling Btw it’s great having you back on the tv five days a week #gbnews.”

@MollyTobyD had some advice for Eamonn, challenging: “Make yourself a promise and stop working so hard.

“Use the money you have wisely and go visit all these lovely people more often .

“We only live once Eamonn I’ve always admired you and love your cheeky sense of humour.”

JenMcKeon73 added to the support by writing: “Eamonn you are very thoughtful and caring. I’m sure those people know what a true friend you are even though you may not speak or see them all the time.

“That’s life and the fact you have written this shows you care.”

Meanwhile, @GuyAndDore replied by posting the slogan: “Distance doesn’t matter when roots of your relationship are strong enough.”

He added: “It’s all about the connection @EamonnHolmes just don’t you worry. Real friends / family always know without words or messages as it’s in the heart & mind.”

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