Loose Women: John Partridge opens up about having cancer

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After various tests, the painless lump turned out to be testicular cancer and catching it early is what saved the actor’s life. John Partridge, 50, battled his diagnosis in private before he made it public in the 2018 series of The Real Full Monty.

Alongside other male celebrities, he raised awareness about getting checked, in a bid to catch cancer early and get treated.

In a new interview with Express.co.uk, the former EastEnders star continues his campaign in encouraging men to get checked as he discussed living with a “bionic” testicle.

He said: “I have a bionic testicle and it’s all great!

“I’ve had it changed twice to help keep it more lifelike, you know, a more real appeal.

“And that’s it, I don’t live in fear of things like that, you have to live your life, safely of course.

“That type of attitude right now is where we are.”

He warned others: “I would say to anybody, if you do have any concerns, if there is anything you’re worried about on your body, check your bodies.

“Have a feel. We have to fight against cancer, we have willy Wednesdays, you must have a look!

“And if you do see any changes, you must go and get a check because the earlier you catch these things, the better it is.

“I was lucky, mine was caught through something else.”

Speaking in 2018, John said he had no pain and didn’t realise the lump was there.

He also decided to keep his cancer diagnosis a secret as he feared losing work.

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He previously said on Good Morning Britain: “I sort of went into reverse shock about it.

“Once it had been removed, five months later, I had to have a few lymphs removed as a precaution and then I started to worry and get the fear – what if it comes back? Is it my lifestyle?”

He added: “I make my money going out on the road doing big tours. People think of me as being this big, incredibly fit, healthy guy.

“I suddenly thought, ‘You’re not going to take me out on this 52-week tour, eight shows a week, if you have concerns about my health.’ So I chose to never speak about it.”

Despite his fears, he went on to star as Christian Clarke in EastEnders for five years.

Now set for another stint at Proud Embankment’s All Stars Cabaret show, he added: “I am fighting fit and I’m ready to go!”

Around 2,300 men are diagnosed with testicular cancer each year in the UK.

Testicular symptoms to look out for include:

  • A lump or swelling in part of one testicle
  • A testicle that gets bigger
  • A heavy scrotum
  • Discomfort or pain in your testicle or scrotum

If you have any concerns, visit your GP.

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