EDEN CONFIDENTIAL: Rosamund Pike film means big payday for rival Oxford college

Hollywood star Pike (pictured in February) is set to hand her rival college a bumper payday

Hollywood star Rosamund Pike has gone back to Oxford. But the Wadham graduate has chosen to give rival college Christ Church a bumper payday by shooting her new film there.

The college, one of the city’s most venerable, may be keen to earn money following its three-year battle to oust its controversial dean Martyn Percy.

Percy was the senior cleric and the head of college who finally left his position this year after reaching a settlement involving a substantial pay-off.

I can now reveal that Rosamund (right) and Brad Pitt were spirited in at night for an evening of filming.

My mole says that the pair, executive producers of new Netflix series The Three-Body Problem, based on the novel of the same name by Liu Cixin, made the trip to Oxford for just one night’s secret filming.

The shoot is thought to have clawed back a substantial chunk of the millions the college has spent in its dispute with the former dean.

Controversial ex-dean Martyn Percy recently left Christ Church after a three-year battle

Christ Church, Oxford, gatehouse built in the 1680s, had faced years-long financial woes

‘They came under the cloak of darkness, it was all very exciting,’ says my mole. ‘Rosamund and Brad were obviously hugely impressed with the incredible architecture and knew this was a venue that they wanted in the film.

Brad Pitt (pictured last month promoting ‘Bullet Train’) dropped out of the University of Missouri within weeks of his graduation

‘It was so secret we didn’t even know the title of what was being filmed,’ my man in the sub fusc adds. ‘They did all the filming in a single night.’ As to how much Christ Church was rewarded for this nocturnal invasion, I’m told that the fees were significant.

Christ Church College was unable to furnish me with additional information yesterday, understandably, as A-level results meant it was their busiest day of the year.

The picturesque college numbers 13 British prime ministers among its alumni — and Albert Einstein — and was used for filming Harry Potter.

Pike earned a 2:1 in English literature from Wadham — after taking a year away from Oxford to gain stage experience in David Hare’s Skylight as well as in several Shakespeare productions.

By contrast, Pitt, now 58, was within weeks of graduating from the University of Missouri when the lure of Tinseltown proved too strong.

Joanie’s silver streak

‘Who has more fun, blondes or brunettes?’ is the question asked by Dame Joan Collins as she returns to an old look — albeit temporarily.

The 89-year-old Dynasty star played brunette Evie Gallant in TV show American Horror Story, who meets her maker after being murdered by her grandson. But that wasn’t the end of Joanie’s involvement in the series, which is co-created by Gwyneth Paltrow’s husband Brad Falchuk, as she returned in a new role as white-haired witch Bubbles McGee, hence the new do.

Dynasty star Joan (in striking silver, left, and her recognisable brunette, right) takes a new role

Demi’s girl bares all

Bruce Willis and Demi Moore’s daughter Rumer made a splash on her 34th birthday

Something in the water? Bruce Willis and Demi Moore’s daughter Rumer has made a splash by appearing in her birthday suit to celebrate turning 34.

It appears the Willis and Moore offspring are lacking in imagination as Rumer’s sister Scout, a few weeks ago, also shared a photo of herself naked in a pool to mark turning 31.

Their mother made history in 1996 by earning £10 million for starring as a stripper in the film Striptease. Rumer has it the apples don’t fall far from the tree.

Lovely words from Pattie’s ‘pal’ Ronnie

Ronnie Wood’s foreword in new memoirs by ‘pal’ Pattie Boyd fails to mention their affair

Model Pattie Boyd, who is about to publish her latest memoir, proudly announces that Ronnie Wood of the Rolling Stones is writing the foreword to her tome My Life In Pictures.

‘I’m delighted that my lovely friend Ronnie Wood has written the foreword for my new book. It’s truly beautiful wording and I am humbled. Thank you, Ronnie,’ says Pattie, 78.

What George Harrison and Eric Clapton’s ex-wife doesn’t mention, however, is that she and Ronnie are ex-lovers, having enjoyed a passionate fling in 1973 when Pattie was still (albeit unhappily) married to the unfaithful Harrison and Ronnie to first wife Krissy.

Jurassic Park star Sam Neill says they don’t make them like actor Peter O’Toole any more: ‘The thing I learnt from him more than anything wasn’t from anything he told me but just by watching him. Young actors these days mostly mutter their lines and the more indecipherable they are, the more realistic it’s supposed to be. Peter never wasted a word.’

Newsnight presenters might hog the glory but it’s the BBC2 show’s chauffeur Dave Murden who was the real unsung hero.

‘He’d drive politicians home,’ recalls broadcaster Michael Crick. ‘They didn’t think he was listening as they spent the journey on [the] phone going through their woes. Gold dust next day.’

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