Elizabeth and James’ Boatmance Might Be Doomed on Below Deck<\/em>

Below Deck is currently charting its eighth season on Bravo, and there’s a lot to unpack at the moment. From the beginnings of the COVID-19 pandemic to crew members coming and going, it’s only natural for some unexpected waves to appear and create all sorts of chaos for the yachties aboard motor yacht My Seanna.

Yes, the season has featured some twists and turns. But there are some things that just never change: epic boat romances. This time around, love is in the air for resident third stew Elizabeth Frankini and deckhand James Hough. The duo have been teasing each other from the beginning of the season, and by the time the two finally hook up in the boat’s hot tub, the sexual tension could be felt by the entire crew.

As long-time fans know, most of the couples throughout the show’s tenure tend to have a crash and burn approach to romance. But it looks like James wants to be the exception, because while Elizabeth has no problem giggling to anyone who will listen about her tryst the night before, he’d much rather keep things low key—and to themselves—for now.

“My first girlfriend cheated on me—she never admitted it,” he revealed. “That was five years ago and it’s still affecting me. I don’t even have relationships anymore, because I keep f**king them off.” Well, it now makes a lot of sense why he’d be so fearful of mentioning anything about his true feelings towards the third stew.

“I’ve been in relationships on boats before,” he said in another part of the episode. “The less people know about it, the better. If it was the other way around, I’d do exactly the same.” While fans will have to wait to find out exactly how the budding romance plays out, at least it’s making for some good television in the process!

Here’s what we know about Elizabeth and James’ relationship so far:

Are Elizabeth and James still together?

As the season is still airing, it’s difficult to know what’s going to happen with their romance. Judging from their social media pages, fans might be disappointed, however, given the absence of any photos of the two together. Plus, the pandemic must’ve put a damper on any relationship the two could’ve had off the boat.

Either way, it looks like both Elizabeth and James are happy doing their own thing in their respective home countries. James is all good third-wheeling friends and family in the U.K., while Elizabeth is busy taking bikini selfies down in Florida. Not a bad life, if you ask us.

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