Emily Ratajkowski Disgusted by Networking Parties as Theyre Full of Sex Traffickers

The ‘Gone Girl’ actress stays away from networking parties as she compares the male attendees who called themselves ‘party promoters’ to ‘sex traffickers.’

AceShowbizEmily Ratajkowski is no longer going to networking parties as they were filled with “disgusting” middle-aged men. The supermodel, 31, who revealed in her best-selling essay collection “My Body” about being raped aged 15, said she quit the gatherings three years ago and compared people at them who called themselves “party promoters” to “sex traffickers.”

“Disgusting, 40-plus men (would show) up in black cars. There’s no direct explanation of what is being traded for what, which is why it’s so creepy. They call themselves party promoters, but, like, party promoters or sex traffickers?” she told the LA Times about how the parties worked.

Emily, who has been dating while looking after the two-year-old son Sylvester she has with her estranged film producer ex-husband Sebastian Bear McClard, 42, said she attended the gatherings when she started modelling.

Her LA Times profile said she would be at a casting session, and a model a few years older would befriend her, before a few days later inviting her to dinner at a trendy restaurant. When she arrived, she would see a group of young women like herself, “stiffly looking around at each other in little outfits” before car loads of men arrived.

The profile added Emily is now “interacting mostly with queer and femme-presenting people” at her modelling jobs as it “makes her feel safer.” It also said, “Though she stopped going to these so-called networking dinners years ago, she says she constantly hears from young models who end up in similar scenarios they aren’t anticipating.”

In her best seller “My Body”, she wrote about how, after a night of doing vodka shots at age 15, she awoke to a boy raping her.

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