Everything We Know About Family Karma Season 2

If you’re watching Bravo but need a break from Real Housewives, might we suggest Family Karma? Family Karma premiered in 2020 and follows a close-knit group of Indian-Americans whose families relocated from India to Florida years ago. It’s a breath of fresh air from Lisa Rhinna talking about Harry Hamlin or Erika Jayne breaking down just how much her monthly glam squad costs. Don’t get too excited, though, because this is still Bravo we’re talking about, and there’s drama aplenty on Family Karma.

The core of the first season centered around the younger generations’ differences from their parents and the cultural clashes between the generations. There is plenty of infighting between the kids, too. Fans couldn’t get enough of this fresh take on the Bravo formula and have been eagerly awaiting the second season. Well, we’ve got good news. Bravo released the Season 2 trailer in April 2021, and it looks even better than the first. 

Here’s everything we know about the new season.

Season 2 of 'Family Karma' will be important for Amrit Kapai

If the trailer is any indication, the second season of Family Karma will be even more dramatic than the first. The trailer begins with the group celebrating Diwali and claiming that Brian Benni’s Diwali wish is to get married in the upcoming year. Brian appears to disagree. The trailer also promises plenty of relationship fluctuations within the rest of the group. Monica Vaswani seems to be getting serious with a new fling in an effort to move on from her failed relationship with Brian. That being said, Brian has also moved on. He’s dating another woman who is also named Monica … clearly, he has a type.

The teaser also seemed to hint that Season 2 would depart from the show’s typically light-hearted tone. Amrit Kapai and his boyfriend, Nicholas Kouchoukos, are getting more serious. Nicholas shares that they’ve recently moved into a new apartment together. While Amrit’s parents are well aware of his sexuality, his grandparents are not. “We have to tell my mom,” his mother says. “Coming out, it’s terrifying,” Amrit says in an interview with his parents. “In India, they are shunned,” his mom tells viewers. The camera then cuts to a shot of Amrit with his grandmother. “There’s one thing I have to tell you about me,” he says nervously.

For fans, the show’s second season surely can’t come fast enough.

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