Kelsey Salmon wants the lash tech whose dog bit off her eyelid to take responsibility, starting with covering a mountain of medical bills — but instead, she says the woman’s ducking her.

Kelsey tells us the lash tech hasn’t reached out to her even once since the woman’s chihuahua jumped up and bit off Kelsey’s eyelid, complete with her new lashes.

She says the tech’s already blocked her on Instagram, but the 23-year-old from Atlanta wants to make it clear … she’s not trying to get rich with a lawsuit. Kelsey says she just wants her medical bills paid. Not to say that will be cheap — Kelsey estimates the total could be $20k-$30k, based on the 2 ambulance trips she’s already taken and the reattachment surgery.

What she doesn’t want is her family getting stuck with the bill, because she says a previous medical drama — involving blood clots, a stroke and open-heart surgery — ended up costing them $4 million. She says that’s the only reason her family might sue.

The other issue at hand is the dog — we asked if she thought it should be put down, and you can tell she’s really on the fence. Kelsey says she’s a dog lover, but also knows she doesn’t want anyone else to endure the hell she is right now.

As far as she knows the chihuahua’s currently quarantined, and it’s up in the air what will happen next.

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