The ‘White Boy Summer’ singer, meanwhile, is adamant that ‘the vaccine should be a choice and not a requirement’ after he earned backlash for his controversial statements.

AceShowbizChet Hanks has often times brought disgrace to his famous parents with his antics, and he has perhaps done it again with his recent infamous rant on COVID-19 vaccines. While Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson have remained quiet on their son’s scandals, social media users are feeling sorry for them in the wake of his anti-vaccine stance.

Taking to Twitter, they are trolling and slamming the “Empire” star, with some empathizing with Tom and Rita, wondering how they are feeling about this. “This is their son?” one person tweeted. “His mom and dad both had covid last year and were very sick. How embarrassing for Tom and Rita.”

“Imagine for a moment that your parents are Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson and you decide to become Chet Hanks,” another baffled user reacted. A third compared Chet to his half-brother Colin Hanks, “Chet Hanks telling people not to get the vaccine in 2021 vs Colin Hanks teaching people how to make face masks out of his hanks-kerchiefs in 2020…all while their Dad and Mom… were sick with Covid last year. I wonder who the favorite child is?”

“The next time Tom Hanks sees Chet Hanks,” another wrote, along with a clip of a wrestler strangling a person on a wheelchair. Someone was seemingly left in disbelief, “A doctor said I should wear a mask but Chet Hanks said I shouldn’t so I mean… I’ve got some soul searching to do today.”

Observing the social media users who were praising the video, someone commented, “People against the vaccines choose the weirdest people to latch onto. Like taking advice from Chet Hanks about the vaccine is so wild to me lol.”

Another similarly remarked, “To be fair, if you’re taking any advice from Chet Hanks about literally anything in life, you need to re-evaluate your entire existence.” One other simply said of Chet’s controversial statements, “Guess it’s dumba** fall.”

Chet sparked outrage after he mocked COVID vaccines. In a video posted on his Instagram account, the 31-year-old initially appeared to be urging his followers to get vaccinated, before yelling, “Psych” and swiftly changing his stance.

He went on to brand the virus the “motherf**king flu,” told Americans to “get over it” and suggested those who are at high risk should simply “stay inside” so others can get on with leading a normal life. He added, “Why are we working around ya’ll? If you’re in danger, stay your a** inside. I’m tired of wearing a motherf**king mask (sic).”

Apparently catching wind of the criticism, Chet later took to his Instagram Story to defend his stance. “THE VACCINE SHOULD BE A CHOICE NOT A REQUIREMENT TO PERFORM OUR BASIC RIGHTS YEAH I SAID IT!!!!! BE AS MAD AS YOU WANT IDGAF!!!!” so he wrote in the now-deleted Story.

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