Father Arrested After Toddler Caught On Video Wandering Around With A LOADED GUN – WATCH

A toddler is lucky to be alive after being caught waving around a LOADED gun and pulling the trigger!

In shocking footage from January 7, obtained by On Patrol: Live, a toddler can be seen aimlessly wandering around an apartment building hallway — wearing nothing more than a diaper, and in his hands, held a loaded gun, which he pulled the trigger of while pointing at nearby doors and HIMSELF. Luckily, neighbors with security cameras spotted the gut-wrenching sight and immediately called local law enforcement, who soon after arrived at the Beech Grove, Indiana residence.

Additional footage reveals the child’s father, 45-year-old Shane Osborne, speaking with the responding officers, pleading that he did not own the gun. He claimed it was actually his cousin’s, who was staying with them at the time. Cops could later be heard asking the toddler, “Where’d you put down that toy?” before searching the apartment.

Osborne claimed he and his wife had recently both been sick, and that he was trying to stay up with this son, but the illness must have distracted him for long enough for the child to take possession of the dangerous weapon and exit into the hallway.

Eventually, authorities located a 9mm Smith and Wesson pistol in the back of a desk drawer, and the father was placed under arrest. The boy was returned to his mother, whom he lives with full time.

On Patrol: Live commentator Sean Larkin explained that seeing the scary footage was far more surreal than just reading about it:

“We hear these types of stories where kids come across this firearms, these horrific results that do happen sometimes, but seeing it on video is definitely very different.”

Fellow commentator Curtis Wilson added that if it wasn’t for the quick response of the “citizens or neighbors,” things could have gone very different:

“It could be really a tragic situation.”

Luckily, the only thing preventing the boy from being hurt in the hard to watch situation was the bullets not yet being chambered in the gun. Horrified viewers didn’t hesitate to express their thoughts on the reckless situation, though, voicing on Mediaite things like:

“He should be charged with reckless endangerment, tried, found guilty, and sentenced to the maximum.”

“If you leave a gun out where a child can get to it and use it, you should be criminally liable for whatever damage the child does. Similar to a felony murder statute, you need not pull the trigger to be convicted of homicide.”

Authorities say Osborne could be changed with child neglect, and is due in court Tuesday morning, according to 13News. See the footage for yourself (below):

We’re so glad neighbors intervened and the situation was put to a stop before it turned any worse than it already was… What are YOUR thoughts?? Let us know in thecomments down below.

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