Hannah Gutierrez-Reed, the lead armorer on the set of “Rust” has one weapons specialist and Hollywood veteran on her side — it’s her dad, who is backing his daughter’s training and claiming she was sabotaged.

Thell Reed, whose career in movies spans several decades says Hannah was raised around guns, and learned gun safety from an early age. Reed says his daughter complained she had to carry both armorer and prop duties on the movie, and it was because she was doing prop duties that she was unable to be inside the church set when Halyna Hutchins was killed.

Thell told “Good Morning America” Tuesday he believes if Hannah was inside the church during the fatal scene, she would’ve checked the gun’s chamber one more time and discovered the live round, potentially saving Hutchins’ life.

What’s more, Thell echoes the same message Hannah’s attorneys have previously claimed … believing Hannah was somehow sabotaged on set with the live ammo. Though, he doesn’t really get into how or why that might’ve happened.

Of course, it was just last week when Alec Baldwin claimed he never pulled the trigger on the revolver that killed Hutchins. Alec claims he cocked the hammer back and when he released it, the gun went off.

“Rust” was only Hannah’s second movie as lead armorer. TMZ discovered a podcast she was on just before taking the gig when she explained she almost didn’t take her first job — a Nic Cage movie — because she was afraid she lacked experience.

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