FBI Finds Brian Laundrie Belongings After Family Leads Them to New Trail

Brian Laundrie‘s family may have actually done something helpful in the ongoing search for their son — leading the FBI to a new trail he frequented … which, go figure, led to his stuff being found. And … we’ve confirmed the Medical Examiner is on the way to the location.

The Laundrie family attorney, Steven Bertolino, tells TMZ … Brian’s parents, Chris and Roberta, went to Myakkahatchee Creek Environmental Park in North Port, FL Wednesday morning to look for him — apparently, a new area that hadn’t been explored.

We’re told the family told authorities about their intentions, and sure enough … the FBI and North Port police showed up as well bright and early. Bertolino says after a brief search off a trail Brian was known to have hiked … some evidence was discovered that he’d been there.

Unclear what exactly the FBI found — but we’re told a handful of belongings, including some articles of clothing, the feds believe might belong to Brian. There’s even video of them seemingly breaking this news to his parents — this as they and bystanders looked on.

Now, Bertolino says the powers that be will focus their efforts on this location for a more thorough investigation.

It’s a stunning development — but one that surely raises an eyebrow at the Laundrie family. If this was a place they believed Brian might be or might have been since vanishing … why hadn’t they said anything until now — and how is it that on the day they decide to go looking here, they actually find something???

It’s a bizarre set of circumstances, and we’re sure the feds will ask these hard questions — but, for now, their top priority is bringing this guy in alive … and getting to the bottom of what he knows about Gabby Petito.

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