Candace Cameron Bure is on TikTok crushing workout challenges, acing smooth transitions in her fashion videos and paying homage to her Full House days. But while it may seem like she’s got the social media app down pat, some TikTok filters still manage to surprise her.

The Hallmark star was recently caught off guard when she tried out the “Animate Me” filter, which transforms users into a cartoon version of themselves. Wearing a ruched blue dress and sporting a deep side part, Candace smiles at the camera and playfully taps on her phone screen to reveal her Disney-inspired look. Unfortunately, it wasn’t what she was expecting at all.

With animated sparkles falling down her screen, Candace quickly stops smiling and brings the camera closer to her. Upon seeing herself in detail, the Fuller House actress begins shaking her head and rushes to turn off the filter.

Can I get a re-do? #Disney #disneyprincess #cinderella

“Can I get a re-do? #Disney #disneyprincess #cinderella,” she captioned the hilarious TikTok.

After Candace gave the filter a thumbs down, fans assured her that she always looks stunning in real life. “When you’re so much more beautiful than your animated self 😂 Honestly they just need a different art style for you,” one person wrote. “More beautiful than any Disney princess Candace 😁,” another added. “The original version of you is the best version of you lady! Beautiful and talented!,” a different fan said.

Be confident in your skin 👊🏼

Others couldn’t help but laugh along with Candace, because they also tried out the trendy TikTok filter and didn’t like the results. “I had the same reaction when I used the filter 😂 glad I’m not alone although you’re gorgeous in both sides,” a follower commented. “Hahahaha on my goodness 🤣 my exact reaction when I did it. 🙃,” someone else added. “Yours is a lot better than mine,” another said.

Her animated transformation aside, the 45-year-old mother of three knows what she’s doing on the app. I mean, have you seen the clips of her memorizing scripts? That’s talent!

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