Gal Gadot Was Shocked By Joss Whedon's Behavior on 'Justice League' — 'It's Not OK'

Gal Gadot recently opened up about her experience on the set of Justice League. And she admitted she was shocked by the way director Joss Whedon spoke to her. 

‘Justice League’ star Ray Fisher first called out Joss Whedon

In July 2020, Justice League star Ray Fisher publicly criticized Whedon and claimed the director used abusive language on set. The actor also called out producers Jon Berg and Geoff Johns and accused them of enabling Whedon’s behavior. 

“Joss Whedon’s on-set treatment of the cast and crew of Justice League was gross, abusive, unprofessional, and completely unacceptable,” Fisher tweeted. “He was enabled, in many ways, by Geoff Johns and Jon Berg.  Accountability>Entertainment.”

Fisher’s accusations prompted WarnerMedia to launch a third-party investigation into the alleged abuses on the set of Justice League. As reported by Variety, in December 2020, the company revealed that the investigation had concluded and that “remedial actions” had been taken. But it did not disclose any details as to what those actions were. 

In November 2020, Whedon stepped down from his HBO Max series, The Nevers. But he attributed his departure to pandemic-related challenges. 

Gal Gadot says Joss Whedon also mistreated her on the set of ‘Justice League’

Gadot first appeared as the iconic DC superhero Diana Prince in Zack Snyder’s Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice and Patty Jenkins Wonder Woman. She has had only positive things to say about Jenkins and Snyder. 

But when she was recently asked about Justice League, the actor said she was shocked by how Whedon treated her on set. And as soon as it happened, she let the higher-ups at WarnerMedia know. 

“I was shaking trees as soon as it happened,” Gadot told Elle. “And I must say that the heads of Warner Brothers, they took care of it.”

“Going back to the sense of righteousness that I have…you’re dizzy because you can’t believe this was just said to you,” she continued. “And if he says it to me, then obviously he says it to many other people. I just did what I felt like I had to do. And it was to tell people that it’s not OK.”

Gadot also wondered if Whedon would have spoken to her the same way as a male actor.  “Would he tell me what he told me had I been a man?” she asked. “I don’t know. We’ll never know — I was shocked by the way that he spoke to me. But whatever, it’s done. Water under the bridge.”

Gal Gadot supports Ray Fisher 

Gadot hasn’t revealed details about the incident with Whedon. But when appearing on Israeli TV in May, she suggested Whedon threatened to end her career. And in an interview with the LA Times, the Wonder Woman star shared support for Fisher. 

“I’m happy for Ray to go out and speak his truth,” Gadot said. “I wasn’t there with the guys when they shot with Joss Whedon — I had my own experience with [him], which wasn’t the best one. But I took care of it there and when it happened. I took it to the higher-ups, and they took care of it. But I’m happy for Ray to go up and say his truth.”

At DC FanDome, Jenkins announced that Gadot will star in Wonder Woman 3 opposite Linda Carter. 

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