Gary Lineker discusses cutting back on 'mentally tiring' work

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Match Of The Day host and former professional footballer Gary Lineker, 60, has candidly revealed he “genuinely can’t be a**ed” to have sex and doesn’t see himself getting married again. The BBC presenter explained that although he went on a date a few months ago, he isn’t interested in pursuing things beyond “the fun of flirting, going on dates, kissing and cooking for someone”.

Gary has been married twice before.

His first marriage to 55-year-old Michelle Cockayne lasted from 1986 until 2006.

He then tied the knot with Welsh actress Danielle Bux in 2009, but they went on to split in 2016.

Gary is also a father to four sons – 29-year-old George, 27-year-old Harry, 25-year-old Tobias and 23-year-old Angus – from his first marriage to Michelle.

However, the football pundit has now insisted he is “really happy on his own” as he gets older.

Gary divulged: “I last went on a date a few months ago. 

“Every now and again you might meet someone — but obviously not over the past couple of years because of the pandemic — but I’ve always found it quite difficult.

“Occasionally I have a date, but then I’ll go and make it clear I’m not interested. So I feel bad. I don’t want to lead anyone up the garden path. It sounds selfish, but I’m really happy on my own.


“I’ve got good friends, I’ve got my kids, I like cooking, and I just don’t want any more sleeping with someone again. 

“When you get a bit older, that urge fades, your testosterone levels drop. It’s just not that important.”

He added to The Sun: “I like the fun of flirting, going on dates, kissing and cooking for someone, but that’s about as far as I want to take it. 

“I’m not sure I’m asexual as such — no matter how old you are, a beautiful woman is a beautiful woman — but I just genuinely can’t be a**ed now.”

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It comes after Gary told The Times back in September 2019 that dating felt like “hard work” to him.

The TV star said: “It’s a stupid and horrible thing to say in a way, but I’m not massively into sex.

“I quite like flirting a little bit. Now that’s all I do. But then after that… This is really being honest: It’s like hard work.

“Going on a date and then, yes, come on, let’s do it. Do we really have to do all that? So I’ve hardly had any dates.”

Gary went on to say he’s always upfront with the women he goes on dates with and informs them straight away that he doesn’t want a relationship.

He added of his dates: “I’ve had the odd one. But I’m straight right from the start. 

“I say, ‘I don’t want a relationship; a nice dinner’s fine’.”

Gary also admitted that he would have had a child with his second wife if she had asked him to start a family with her.

He explained: “Obviously I would have done [had more children], but she said, ‘It’s not fair on you’. Then I said, ‘Well, I’d feel terrible if I stop you doing it’.”

Danielle is now a mother with her partner Nate Greenwald after moving to LA.

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