Geena Davis went makeup- and shoe-free as she ran errands barefoot in Los Angeles, wearing a head scarf and a festive sweatshirt.

Geena Davis stepped out in Los Angeles over the weekend in the ultimate comfortable casual pandemic ensemble. The 65-year-old Academy Award winner ran errands on Sunday, Nov. 21 in a sweatshirt with a kitten in a Santa hat and a blue head scarf. The actress went makeup- and shoes-free as she exited her car barefoot, as seen in photos here.

The casual outing comes after the actress and her plastic surgeon husband Reza Jarrahy settled their divorce in October after a contentious five-year battle. The couple split in 2017 after 16 years of marriage. They share daughter Alizeh, 19, and sons Kian and Kaiis, both 17, together.

The surgeon was the Thelma & Louise star’s fourth husband. She was previously married to Richard Emmolo, Jeff Goldblum, and Renny Harlin. In an interview with Good Housekeeping in 2006, Geena opened up about meeting the surgeon, who’s about 15 years her junior, describing him as “different” than other men she has been with.

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“I was always in the type of relationship where everything was about the other person,” she said. “I’d find my worth through sacrificing everything for his sake. And that had everything to do with my own feelings about myself. The guys I was with felt pretty great about themselves all on their own — they didn’t need me to fix them because they weren’t damaged.”

She continued, “But I sure was. I finally managed to change myself, and that changed what seemed attractive to me. Reza is so different from the kind of men I used to be with. I think if I met someone now who was like the guys I was drawn to in the past, I would just start to laugh.” The star addressed her three previous marriages, too.

“I did say to Reza, ‘You’re about to become someone’s fourth husband. What on earth are you thinking?’” Geena said. “But as for myself, I wasn’t nervous at all. I really did feel that I had turned a corner, that I had pulled off changes that were real and permanent. It was exciting to know I was marrying someone who I can be cranky or selfish in front of and he doesn’t run screaming from the room or judge me for it.”

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