General Hospital actor Steve Burton is best known for playing Jason Morgan on the show. However, the small screen is not the only way for fans to catch up with Burton. He has held many shows in cities across the United States, and he recently joked about possibly hosting something similar to the NSFW “Magic Mike” shows.

Steve Burton hosts live shows with co-star Bradford Anderson

Burton and Bradford Anderson (Damian Spinelli) are a part of a comedy duo called “Stone Cold and the Jackal.” The pair have a podcast and YouTube channel where they tell jokes, interview General Hospital co-stars, and share behind-the-scenes secrets.

Burton and Anderson also take their friendship on the road and host live shows for fans. These shows started out as concerts, but they eventually evolved into having more entertaining segments, such as Q&A and comedy.

“They learn Jason Morgan has a personality and how Bradford can sing. Nobody knows that. He’s theatrically trained,” Burton said, according to Entertainer Magazine. “Basically, it’s a live version of ‘Dumb and Dumber.’ You’ll definitely see a lot of dumb stuff.”

Anderson also said, “We have such an amazing relationship with our audience. It’s so easy to have fun with them. We’re so comfortable with them. It’s an amazing room full of human beings.”

Steve Burton jokes about a possible ‘Magic Mike’ show for fans

During a recent episode of the pair’s podcast, That’s Awesome, Burton and Anderson answered a few fan questions. One person asked, “How do you deal with the catcalling from the ladies at your shows? I was at the Columbus show and I think there were some people who thought they were at Chippendales.”

Burton laughed and responded, “Well, listen, if everyone had brought all their spare change from home, there would have been a ‘Magic Jackal’ show for sure.”

In any case, Burton does not deny that there is catcalling happening. He also added that there is also “alcohol involved” at their shows.

Steve Burton recently canceled shows due to COVID-19

Burton and Anderson were recently supposed to head to the East Coast for “Stone Cold and the Jackal” shows, but Burton revealed he tested positive for COVID-19. The duo had to postpone these shows.

“Long story short, I was exposed at work,” Burton said in a video posted on Instagram on Aug. 13. “I tested Wednesday—I tested negative—and then I wanted to take another test before I got on an airplane to be safe to come out and see you guys, and then I tested positive. I feel fine, I have no symptoms, other than being really bummed that we can’t see you guys, so, thank you for your patience.”

Burton also wrote in the description, “We are working actively to secure another date (week) for the tour but we ask that you kindly bear with us as we navigate a very difficult situation. Once new dates are announced, you’ll be notified by email. We are sorry for any inconvenience.”

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