George Clooney is speaking his piece on the fatal shooting that claimed Halyna Hutchins‘ life — and he’s torching the entire “Rust” crew over the tragedy, especially the assistant director.

The legendary actor weighed in while he was on Marc Maron’s ‘WTF’ podcast and he didn’t hold back one bit … lighting up AD Dave Halls, armorer Hannah Gutierrez-Reed and the producers at large, who he says clearly skimped.

GC’s biggest gripe is the gun that was handed to Alec should never have been handled by Halls … but rather, Hannah herself or the head prop master.

George says there’s been strict protocol for gun use on every set he’s been on, and notes … the protocol was grossly violated on “Rust,” going on to say he’s never even heard of the term “cold gun” — while labeling the whole saga “insane” and “infuriating.”

Now, while Mr. Clooney stops short of criticizing Alec Baldwin directly — whom he says he doesn’t know well — he does make a stark comparison in how he’s dealt with guns on set, and how AB apparently did.

George explains that anytime he’s used a gun on camera, he’s always checked it himself — and does so extensively too … saying he opens it, examines the chamber, shows it to whoever he’s pointing it too and even fires six times at the ground as a final safeguard.

According to Santa Fe authorities, Alec didn’t do any of that — and ended up pointing the gun at Halyna and director Joel Souza during a blocking setup, and firing.

There’s more George touches on — including the producers of this film allegedly cutting crucial corners that allowed for an unsafe environment to fester, which is unfathomable to him considering the tragedy that killed Brandon Lee in the ’90s.

His entire convo is worth a listen … but the bottom line is, GC thinks this was amateur hour.

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