Get to Know Nicole Rémy, the Leading Lady of "The Courtship"

Get to Know Nicole Rémy, the Leading Lady of “The Courtship”

What happens when you cross “The Bachelorette” with Netflix’s “Bridgerton”? You get “The Courtship,” a reality dating show unlike any of its predecessors. At the center of NBC’s newest dating show is Nicole Rémy, a bachelorette looking for love, with a twist. Ditching the modern methods of dating, like Tinder matches and quick hookups, “The Courtship” brings back the type of dating that Jane Austen once wrote about.

In “The Courtship,” which debuted on March 6, Rémy is in pursuit of an old-school kind of love. She is presented with 16 bachelors, who week by week are either kept in her circle or rejected based on how well they can win her heart as they compete in a number of challenges. Here’s what you need to know about the show’s leading lady.

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