The ‘Million Dolla Worth of Game’ podcast host shares on Instagram a clip of a U.S. Marshal accusing him of smelling like marijuana while at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport.

AceShowbizGillie Da Kid had an unpleasant experience while at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport. The “Million Dollaz Worth of Game” podcaster made use of his Instagram account to share a video of him getting into a heated argument with an unidentified man, who seemed to be a person of authority.

In the clip, which was posted on Tuesday, November 8, Gillie was seen rummaging through his own backpack. The two were heard arguing as Gillie claimed that he was being racially profiled as the man accused him of smelling like marijuana.

“To walk up on and ask me, ‘Do I got illegal drugs in my bag?’ ” Gillie, who was holding an open bag, said as the video clip begins with the confrontation already in progress. “What are you talking about? Can you look in here?”

The man, who wore a badge, later insisted that Gillie was the one who searched his own bag and insinuated that popular rapper-turned-podcaster was lying about the situation. “Don’t lie for the camera,” the man said. Gillie fired back, “You walked up to me and picked me out. Get away from me, man. You picked me out. For what? I’m probably the richest person on this plane. Get away from me, man.”

During the argument, the Marshal accused Gillie of smelling like marijuana once again as he noted that weed is illegal in Texas. He also told the “Get Down on the Ground” rapper to “be real and don’t lie.” Stressing that he was being falsely accused, Gillie responded, “What do you mean, ‘Be real?’ You be real. [Who] is you talkin’ to, man? Smell like marijuana. What is you talking about? Picked the wrong one today, huh?”

In the caption, Gillie wrote, “[A] plane full of white folks leaving Dallas and the only Black man is [asked] does he have illegal narcotics in his bag. You [picked] the wrong n***a today, buddy,” while tagging American Airlines.

Fans showed sympathy for Gillie in the comments section. “Leaving Dallas? Yea, sounds about YT. Sorry this happened to you,” one fan wrote. “Man I swear if they can’t find nothing to f**k with u about they always pull that line out ‘u smell like Marijuana,’ ” someone added. Another person, meanwhile, commented, “He smells like racism, looks like racism and acts like goofy.”

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