Good Morning Britain viewers have slammed a royal author after he appeared on the ITV breakfast show to discuss his new book, which focuses on a series of damning allegations against Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

Royal correspondent Valentine Low, author of Courtiers: The Hidden Power Behind The Crown, appeared on the show on Wednesday morning.

However, many GMB fans watching at home were left far from impressed with some suggesting he was "bullying" the Duchess of Sussex, 41.

Taking to Twitter, others suggested Valentine's book was based on "hear say and lies".

One wrote: "It's just @GMB promoting bullying and hate especially towards #MeghanMarkle again for the last 6 years or so. It's getting ridiculous now."

Another said: "#GMB needs to give it rest when it comes to speaking about Harry and Megan. It’s damaging."

A third suggested Valentine needed to "get a life", tweeting: "So someone who didn’t hear what Meghan said has quoted it in their book and decided that it must have been said in the most negative way it could possibly be. Get a life!"

And a fourth viewer had their say, writing: "ENOUGH!!!!!!!!! ITS 7:30 IN THE MORNING FOR F**K SAKE!!!!!"

During his appearance on GMB, Valentine discussed how a number of the courtiers who worked for Harry, 37, and Meghan allegedly called themselves the "Sussex Survivors' Club".

He told presenters Susanna Reid and Ed Balls that the claims were "absolutely" true.

"I think it was a very difficult experience for some of them and I think as I revealed a couple of years ago there were allegations that Meghan bullied staff," said Valentine.

He continued: "I mean there were people who have talked to me of people being completely destroyed. I've heard how people at the time when faced with a possible encounter with Meghan were saying things like 'I feel sick' or 'I'm shaking'.

"They're extraordinary things for an employee to say about the prospect of seeing their employer."

Valentine also claimed that two courtiers in particular had made an "awful lot of effort" to try and make Harry and Meghan happy, but did say there was a way that the courtiers were in some way responsible for their exit.

He said: "There is a way in which the courtiers are to blame. So the people around them were doing their best, these were people who believed in Harry and Meghan and they wanted to help.

"But there were signs early on, in the first year or so of their marriage, there were signs of how unhappy Harry and Meghan were.

"And no one really did anything about that. No one picked it up, no one flagged it up and there were no big discussions with the most senior courtiers in the institution."

However, Valentine concluded that he didn't think it "would have made any difference" because "what Harry and Meghan wanted and what the Royal family, what the Queen felt able to to give, I don't think there was ever a meeting point".

OK! has contacted the representatives of Prince Harry, Meghan Markle and Valentine Low, as well as ITV, for a comment.


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