Goldie Hawn slams Oscars for losing elegance and being politicised

Goldie Hawn, 77, is known for not even attending the Academy Awards the year she won her Best Supporting Actress gong. However, as Hollywood prepares for this weekend’s Oscars, the actress has shared she has grown tired of the “off-colour” jokes and “politicised” awards show in recent years.

I want to see people laughing more!

Goldie Hawn

Goldie was asleep in London when she was announced as the winner of the Best Supporting Actress Oscar for Cactus Flower in 1970.

The actress, who boasts a film career spanning 40 decades, explained to Variety how Hollywood has changed since she rose to fame all those years ago.

She said of the Oscars ceremony: “It used to be elegant. I’m not old-fashioned, but sometimes jokes are off-colour. And I’m missing reverence.

“Things have become politicised. I want to see people in awe. I want to see people believing again.

“I want to see people laughing more in a way that isn’t just at someone else’s expense.”

Goldie’s comments come after Oscars viewers have recently criticised the show for being too “woke” with celebrities using their acceptance speeches to discuss politics.

Oscars 2022 co-hosts Amy Schumer, Regina Hall and Wanda Sykes started off the three-hour telecast with jokes about gender discrimination, diversity, political divisions and homophobia.

The Oscar winner mostly retired after 2001’s The Banger Sisters with Susan Sarandon.

She admitted: “I’d been making a lot of movies for a long time. And when 9/11 happened, the world turned upside down and I wasn’t feeling very happy.

“But what I realised is that children were actually going to be suffering a silent distress on account of 9/11.”

Goldie received her Oscar in 1970 but has admitted she now feels upset when she looks back on it that she never attended the ceremony.

She explained: “I forgot it was on television that night.

“Then I woke up to a phone call at like 4 in the morning. And it was a man’s voice and he said, ‘Hey, congratulations, you got it.’

“‘I got what?’ ‘You got the Academy Award for the best supporting actress’.”

She then claimed she called her parents for a “good cry”, but “regrets” not getting “dressed up” for the event.

Goldie has since been part of a few memorable Oscars moments, including accepting an award on behalf of George C Scott.

She also took to the stage with her long-term partner Kurt Russell, with the pair famously snubbing marriage in favour of a non-formal commitment to each other.

Goldie has three children: Oliver and Kate with her ex-husband Bill Hudson, and Wyatt Russell with Kurt.

Kurt and Goldie have been together since 1983, with the pair regularly speaking against the idea of marrying each other.

She said to the aforementioned publication: “At that time, we constantly got asked, ‘When are you going to get married? Why aren’t you married?’

“And we were like, ‘Why does anybody care about that?’ We’d asked our kids if they cared about it. They didn’t. We didn’t.”

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