‘Gossip with Celebitchy’ podcast #78: Hilaria Baldwin does yoga on the stove

Intro: Minutes 0 to 5:15
We’re on a new schedule where we’ll be on for three weeks and off a week. Hopefully that will be more predictable and give us a break when we need. We’ll have episodes out the 17th and 24th this month, January, and will be off the 31st. The new awards schedule is throwing us off and the Grammy Awards have been moved to March 14th, the same day as the SAGs. You can listen below!

The domestic terror attack: Minutes 5:15 to 18:45
On Wednesday we learned in the morning that Raphael Warnock won his senate race in Georgia and later in the day we heard Jon Ossoff had won, giving the Democrats control of the Senate. When the takeover of the Capitol Building happened that afternoon it wasn’t surprising that they tried. Trump had been tweeting about it and during his speech to the mob ahead of time he told them to go over there. The seeming ease of the takeover and the lack of arrests was in stark contrast to the treatment of peaceful Black Lives Matter protestors over the summer. There is growing evidence that the Capitol Police were told to stand down. The lack of security and police force was complicated because Trump refused to authorize the National Guard and DC Mayor Muriel Bowser didn’t have jurisdiction over the Capitol Police. Pence eventually was contacted by the joint chiefs of staff and he authorized the National Guard. The congresspeople were terrorized and scared for their lives. Chandra says the Capitol Police might have chosen to stand down to diffuse the situation. We wonder how the mob even got on the steps of the building.

We don’t know whether the 25th Amendment will be invoked by Pence and/or if Trump will be impeached. Here’s a link to the thread about Pence Chandra mentions by Mike Redmond on Twitter. I play a segment from Zoom where Alnaaze, Ameerah, Karen and Zakia wonder if Biden will go after Trump. Chandra thinks Biden is playing it smart and waiting to let the authorities prosecute Trump. I hope that this splits the Republican party and that we have years of controlling the House and Senate.

What we’re watching: Minutes 18:45 to 28
We both watched a lot of shows over the break. Our absolute favorite was Ted Lasso on Apple+. The writing and characters were amazing and we both loved Jason Sudeikis in the lead. It was heartfelt and sweet without being sugary.

We both watched Bridgerton and liked it but didn’t love it. Chandra loves that the book readers are digging into the series. I play a segment from Zoom where Zakia, Alnaaze, Karen and Ameerah talk about the terrible bangs on Bridgerton. We wonder why there were so many bad bangs on that show when it wasn’t typical of the era. Chandra mentions that Daphne and Eloise both had different kinds of bangs trauma. I didn’t think the actress who played Daphne could act. Chandra and I wonder whether she was supposed to be more charismatic.

Chandra couldn’t get into Derry Girls. I watched the first season but couldn’t get into the second. The main characters were too mean and destructive for Chandra. We both watched Imposters but I stopped after the first season and Chandra watched both.

Hilaria Baldwin: Minutes 28 to 32:30
The best story at the end of the year was that Hilaria Baldwin, Alec Balwin’s wife, got exposed as faking her entire Spanish background and accent. It started before Christmas and picked up steam at the end of the year as people discovered her old interviews and videos. Hilaria denied it by talking around it without directly addressing it. The NY Times interview with her was so shady. She said she could defend herself except for “boundaries.” Here’s a link to the photo I mentioned of Hilaria Baldwin laying on the stove with her head in a frying pan. It turns out that her parents retired and moved to Spain when she was 28, and that she grew up privileged in Massachusetts, both her parents are American and even her grandparents were born in the US.

Royals: Minutes 32:30 to 38:30
I loved the Archewell Podcast and was inspired to use more music in ours. It was to my taste as I’m into affirmations and meditation. I also liked the messages they had about the last year.

The Sussexes are covering People Magazine one year after Sussexit. Harry and Meghan are happy and have no regrets, which is really pissing off The Windsors.

The Mirror had a salty story about how The Queen had plans for the one year review but that Harry hadn’t even called to make an appointment. Rebecca English wrote a huge “takedown” story in the Daily Mail claiming that the Queen personally refused Harry’s wreath-laying request on Remembrance Day. The original story was that the courtiers refused the request without contacting her. She also claimed that William’s marriage is better now that the Sussexes are gone, which is just a bizarre story to push.

Comments of the Week: Minutes 38:30 to 44
My comment of the week is from Oh_Hey on the post about Calliou being canceled. Chandra’s comment of the week is from Angel on the post that Kim Kardashian and Kanye’s divorce is imminent. Chandra understands why Kim hasn’t filed yet. We talk about their very industrial looking house with the expensive impractical sinks. Here’s a link to the time Kanye filled Kim’s bathroom with dried flowers.

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