Halsey Featured In First 'Americana' Teaser

Alt-pop superstar Halsey is featured in the first teaser for the Tony Tost-directed heist drama Americana.

The 90-second teaser shows Halsey, sporting a 1970s-style shag cut and clad in all-black ensemble, busy filling up her orange muscle car despite being interrupted twice

“Beautiful day today,” says Paul Walter Hauser‘s character Lefty to Halsey’s Mandy. “Still, they say it might rain. Any big weekend plans?”

Mandy is clearly not interested, snapping back, “Hey buddy, today is not the f-king day.”

Sydney Sweeney, who plays Penny Jo, then sticks a gun into Mandy’s back demanding the mythical Native American artifact that she and Lefty were planning to steal. “Do you have the artifact?” Penny Jo asks.

“I thought you were sweet,” she says, her face softening in seeming condescension. “Do you have it?” Penny Jo repeats more menacingly as Mandy suggests she might have the object, or maybe not.

As Penny Jo insists on getting the artifact, Mandy says “No,” and walks away, and nonchalantly tells her “shoot me.”

“It’s one of my favorite scenes because none of these characters are smooth, experienced criminals in the slightest,” Tost recently told Deadline. “And I love how Sydney, Paul, and Halsey all play their desperate intentions and discomfort to quietly comedic effect.”

Americana marks Halsey’s big-screen debut.

(Photo: Adam Kudeimati)

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