Prince Harry told Oprah … the member or members of the Royal Family who made racist comments about the color of Archie‘s skin was NOT the Queen or Prince Philip, so the list of suspects is narrowing.

There were many headlines from Oprah’s stunning interview, but the biggest was that Harry was told by a member/members of the Royal Fam … Archie could not be a Prince because his skin tone would probably be too dark.

They made it clear … this was not just one conversation, but several while Meghan was pregnant. They also made the stunning claim Archie would not get security since he was not a Prince, despite the death threats Harry and his family were enduring. Indeed, they said all security was pulled once they moved to Canada.

They would not say who made the racist comments, but they made it clear it was a member of the Family.

That said … Harry has plenty of grievances with his dad, Prince Charles, saying when they moved to Canada, Charles stopped taking Harry’s calls. He essentially accused his dad of being heartless … especially given the fact Charles knew the difficulties Harry faced because he had been through something similar with Diana.

Harry also made it clear … he’s estranged from his brother, William. It’s interesting, Harry intimated to Oprah William feels trapped but he can’t leave given his position.

Harry says the entire family survives in a “toxic environment,” although he says Charles has made peace with it.

For Meghan’s part, she says hatred from social media was the game changer … fueled by racism, she says it became so impossible she contemplated suicide.

As for any sympathy … well, Harry says he and Meghan have gotten zippo. He says the position of the family was … it was his decision to leave so he must bear the consequences.

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