Harry playing ‘Prince of Privacy is beyond parody’, fumes Piers Morgan

Piers Morgan, 57, has hit out at Prince Harry, 38, accusing him of “parading around as Prince of Privacy” following his witness statement in court.

Appearing at the High Court in London earlier this week, the Duke of Sussex stated “I love my country”, whilst stating his reasoning for seeking “justice” in person.

The dad-of-two is one of a number of high-profile names accusing Associated Newspapers of numerous breaches of their privacy.

But Piers reacted to the royal’s return to Britain with renewed criticism, as he claimed Harry did not come back to “beg forgiveness from the family he’s so horribly betrayed”.

He added: “It’s beyond parody! He’s also doing what he does best, which is playing the victim.

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“Poor woe-is-me, permanently ‘traumatised’ Harry genuinely believes he is the most oppressed and put-upon human being on the planet, which may come as a surprise to the many millions of people who are genuinely oppressed, or so poor they can’t feed their kids.”

The former Good Morning Britain star continued in a new column for The Sun: “But watching him swagger into the High Court this week, with a massive self-satisfied smirk on his face – not the best look for a supposed victim – I realised he’s now completely lost his marbles.”

Express.co.uk has reached out to representatives for Prince Harry for comment.

The Telegraph’s royal correspondent Victoria Ward took to Twitter on Monday to write about Harry’s witness statement.

Quoting Harry, she wrote: “If the most influential newspaper company can successfully evade justice, then in my opinion the whole country is doomed.”

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She added: “[Harry] says he is bringing the claim against ANL because ‘I love my country and I remain deeply concerned by the unchecked power, influence and criminality of Associated.

“Harry says lawyers kept info about phone hacking at the NoTW [News of The World] from him and William.

Again, quoting Harry, she wrote: “The Institution made clear we did not need to know anything about hacking and it was made clear to me that the Royal Family did not sit in the witness box because that could open up a can of worms”.

In his statement, Harry also claimed that “without a doubt” the institution was “withholding information” about the phone hacking.

He added that this had “only become clear in recent years”, following years of taking different “legal advice and representation”.

The publisher denies all claims made against them.

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