Hayley Law wears black and white while hitting the red carpet for her new movie Mark, Mary & Some Other People at Brookfield Place on Thursday (June 10) in New York City.

The 28-year-old Riverdale actress was joined at the 2021 Tribeca Film Festival premiere by her co-stars Ben Rosenfield, Nik Dodani and Odessa A’Zion, as well as Morgan Saylor.

Mark, Mary & Some Other People is about “Mark (Rosenfield) and Mary (Law), college acquaintances who get together after graduation, and experiment with an open relationship. Subsequently, they go through a series of ups and downs which puts their future together in question, leading them to think deeply about what they really want, in life and love,” according to Deadline.

At the premiere, Hayley and Ben dished on having good chemistry when they met for the first time ahead of filming.

“We were both super down and open,” Hayley told Deadline. “I think we both knew what this film was going to require, to be natural, and it really helps when you’re working with someone who’s easygoing and fun.”

“In a way, it’s lucky that we just had good chemistry,” Ben added. “But also, it just goes to show that Hannah [Marks, director] knew what she was doing in casting us both, that she had a sense from meeting us that our energies would play together well.”

If you missed it, Hayley just recently wrapped filming on Riverdale, where Josie and the Pussycats are making a return in season five. She also just wrapped on a movie with Keith Powers called Door Mouse, which is also Avan Jogia‘s directorial debut.

Door Mouse “centers on a woman named Mouse (Law) who is stuck in a dead-end job, doing nothing with her life and going nowhere. Mouse works at Mama’s Burlesque Club all night, where her boss Mama (Famke Janssen) encourages her to pursue her real passion of making comics.

When a friend from work named Doe-Eyes goes missing and the cops do nothing about it, Mouse and her sidekick Ugly (Powers) take it upon themselves to find out what happened to her. What they discover is that corruption runs deep, monsters are real, and that sometimes, justice is meant to be taken into your own hands.”

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