Between a new season of Too Hot To Handle, an update on Love is Blind, and some absolute outrageousness happening with something called Sexy Beasts, it’s been quite the year for dating/reality shows on streaming. But that’s before we even get into FBoy Island, the new dating competition reality series that’s streaming on HBO Max.

FBoy Island, hosted by the always-funny Nikki Glaser, is a show that finds 3 single women looking for love on an island with 24 suitors. Except those 24 suitors arrived at the island with differing intentions; half of them are “Nice Guys,” looking for a relationship, and the other half are jerks just looking to mess around and win whatever the final prize amount might turn out being (Does the amount really matter? It’s as much of a MacGuffin as anything in a Hitchcock movie at this point).

So, yeah. That’s the crux of it. FBoy Island is actually, somehow, just as much as fun as it sounds. It really sounds like a fake show from a 30 Rock episode, and watching it feels just as juicy and fun as you’d expect. And the cast are all game.

And while we’re all eager to see how this wild competition turns out, we can only watch as much as HBO Max lets us stream. So here’s the answer to all those questions about when we’ll get to see what happens next.

When is the next episode of FBoy Island coming out?

The next episodes of FBoy Island—they drop three at a time on HBO Max—are going to start streaming on Thursday, August 5th.

How many episodes of FBoy Island are left?

The first season of FBoy Island will be 9 episodes in total. So that means right this second there are six more episodes of FBoy mania to make our ways through.

Here’s the complete release schedule for FBoy Island.

Episode 1 – Debuted July 29, now streaming
Episode 2 – Debuted July 29, now streaming
Episode 3 – Debuted July 29, now streaming
Episode 4 – Streaming August 5
Episode 5 – Streaming August 5
Episode 6 – Streaming August 5
Episode 7 – Streaming August 12
Episode 8 – Streaming August 12
Episode 9 – Streaming August 12

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