Hulu's New Freaknik Doc Freaking Out Older Generation of Partiers

Hulu’s forthcoming documentary about Freaknik apparently has some old-school partiers trembling in their boots … and one woman’s now-viral concerns might reflect the many.

A TikToker named Tina posted a clip that’s making the rounds, and it seems to be a perfect encapsulation of what a lot of late-40-somethings/early-50-somethings in and around the Atlanta area are worried about with this movie coming out … namely, showing up in this.


Check out her breakdown of what was going on back then during the legendary Freaknik street festivals that used to overtake the ATL during Spring Break … sounds like a wild time.

As Tina notes here, she’s not so much worried about herself in this instance … as she says she would always avoid the giant video cameras that were being busted out left and right — a staple of Freaknik culture, it seems, in those days. She says she never did anything crazy or regretful on tape — but the same can’t be said for others, and she’s nervous for them.


Her angst is now trending on Twitter, too, BTW … with a lot of folks joking that their moms and aunts probably don’t want this thing hitting the airwaves — ’cause it could include some old footage that’s a little bit embarrassing. Of course, there’s some ugliness as well.

The Freaknik parties of the ’90s ended up drawing a lot of crime and debauchery to Atlanta at its peak — including looting, robberies, assaults and sexual assaults … the latter of which started to become a worrisome trend as more women were being manhandled in public.

The issue got so bad … city leaders started to crack down and break up Freaknik to the point that it wasn’t what it once was — and eventually dissolved entirely in the late ’90s.

Some in Atlanta have tried to revive Freaknik in recent years, but it’s never been the same. In any case — the new doc, ‘The Wildest Party Never Told,’ is aiming to expose all of it.

Buckle up!

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