A Place In The Sun: Couple unimpressed with size of property

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Lee Juggurnauth, 35, has revealed that he was once told by house hunters on A Place in the Sun that they wished they had Jasmine Harman, 46. Jasmine has been on the show since 2004, alongside Jonnie Irwin and has filmed over 200 episodes worldwide so far.

I would have preferred Jasmine

Lee Juggernauth

Speaking exclusively to Express.co.uk Lee revealed there can sometimes be competition between the presenters – but not how you might think.

He penned: “Sometimes it’s really interesting as you meet the house hunters on the Sunday, the day before filming and some of them are really happy they’ve got you.

“But you do get those ones who say ‘I would have preferred Jasmine’, and that usually comes out after two or three days!”

Jasmine has been a staple on A Place in the Sun since 2004, having even met her husband cameraman Jon Boast on the show.

Speaking about other rivalry between the presenters Lee admitted there is not any.

He continued: “I wouldn’t say there is competition.

“Everyone is so different in their own right and everyone works differently. I think if you watch each individual show we are just flowing our energies completely different.

“We’re all kind of fighting for the same thing. We’re all fighting to find these amazing homes for these amazing people.”

Lee’s job last week was to help Mark and Karen find a property in Spain with a budget of £150,000.

The presenter rounded up five potential properties but was taken aback by the couple when they cut their first tour short.

The property was a three-bed villa in La Florida. A semi-detached home with a tiled front terrace, a boasted balcony off one of the upstairs bedrooms and a rooftop solarium.

There was also a big communal pool with the home as well as an open kitchen, with the upstairs featuring three double bedrooms and a shower room.

But as the trio entered the living room, Karen immediately criticised the villa.

“Come in. What do you think?” Lee asked as the pair followed behind him.

“It’s a little bit small,” Karen replied abruptly.

Lee tried to point out other aspects of the modern room, asking: “How about the finish itself? It’s a very modern exterior.”

Lee admitted in an exclusive interview with Express.co.uk that he loves his job although it can be hard when house hunters are “close minded”.

He penned: “We’ve had a couple of people that were very very close minded and they didn’t see the potential in anything I showed them at all.

“Some people have an idea or a vision which they all do, but the reality is things are not always as you imagined. So it’s that kind of compromise of how can I make that vision become a reality? So yeah, that’s the only tricky bit.”

You can catch Jasmine Harman on A Place in the Sun today on Channel 4 at 4pm.

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